Jom Teh Tariklah

How far would you drive for a good piping hot nasi lemak? or how many stalls would u try till you find the perfect char kuey teow?? I guess it’s just a very Malaysian thing to go beyond to search for the best food, what more if it’s a Malaysian local delicacy? It’s a strong common bond within us all for our love in food and also, the unofficial national tea drink, teh tarik. I know if I have friends coming abroad, I would bring them to a mamak at night and have a 3 table long roti tissue, and a couple cups of teh tarik. Proud to have such awesome Malaysian food eh?

So last week I was at the Teh Tarik Place at 1 U for the launch of a new drink by the world’s No.1 tea brand, Lipton; 3 in 1 Lipton Teh Tarik milk tea with Sonia and other bloggers. We had our taste of Lipton’s Teh Tarik and I must say, it’s pretty good! Smooth in texture, rich in taste yet not cloyingly sweet.

Hugo Verkuil, the Marketing Director of Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn. Bhd ‘tarik’ing tea!

Opps, was to eager to drink before snapping a pic 😛

Now, where do you usually drink teh tarik? In the morning for breakfast with your roti canai? During tea break when you need a refresher from work? Or in the mamak when you chill out with your friends? It’s an all day long drink whether at home or office.

In conjunction with the launch of this drink, Lipton Malaysia has an ongoing campaign “Proud to be Malaysian, Jom Teh Tariklah” for all teh lovers. Check out their facebook fan page (link HERE) and catch all 6 webisodes that will be posted every Monday, showcasing familiar characteristics that all Malaysians will recognize.. I’ve seen the trailer, it’s just as Malaysian as it can get. Plus, share your comment on the fan page and the person with the most interesting comment will take hom RM 300 each week and a Lipton Milktea hamper worht RM86. The contest will be running for 6 weeks from today 19th March 2012. So what are you waiting for ??

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  1. teh terik and roti tisu is definitely on my list of recommended items for foreigners too! and roti thosai if they can take it ;p I usually am not a fan of 3-in-1s, but if it’s not cloyingly sweet as you’ve said, I’m definitely giving it a go 🙂

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