It’s all about the moneh..

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Moneh? Huh ? You mean money ??


So how would you like living in a penthouse downtown, perfect skyline of (insert name of town) sipping down a glass of Moet, watching (insert favourite tv show) on a 108″ LCD TV, and having to worry about nothing ? Oh maybe perhaps only worry just incase the lift doesn’t work, how are u going to go back up to your penthouse? Lol Ok I’m sure they’d have some back up.


How about… having your face printed on a banknote ? ah HA !!! That way, the xx million of people using the note, would eventually recognize you right? (Actually sometimes I don’t know who’s on the our bank note, anyway that’s not the point) BUT… Me? On a bank note ??

Well obviously wasn’t me 🙂

Stack of banknotes with currencies all around.. Syok..

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