Horlicks Layer Cake

How was Chinese New Year celebrations!?!? I guess I’m kinda supposed to post this before Chinese New Year starts but been too busy to even touch the computer the past few days. Reason also I was away for a short holiday with my family and uncles and aunties and cousins in Bukit Gambang Resort, Kuantan in Pahang (and also back with a tan). Quite a nice place, will do another post about it sometime later.

Our family hasn’t traveled during Chinese New Year locally for many many many years, or maybe even a decade or two. This year, we went. And I guess we won’t be travelling locally again during CNY. It was SUPER SUPER SUPER JAM! Not the resort or hotel, but the ROAD! We left the hotel at 11am, went to Telok Cempedak beach and a Kampung Nelayan (the place the movie “Woo Hoo” was filmed),then officially left at 2pm. Arrive home at 11pm. Serious!! Karak Highway is such a pain T__T.

OK back to Horlicks layer cake. I haven’t been baking much recently, not even CNY cookies. Just these cakes. Funny enough, I find the process of making layer cake quite addictive. Or maybe it’s the whole watching-the-layers-brown-every-5-minutes-thingy. I’m still trying to get it as thin as possible, hence more layers.

Since the prune one had thicker layers,  I used a different ladle this time and scooped lesser amount each time. Now I manage to get 12 layers of horlicks cake! But because they were thinner, I had harder time controlling them to prevent burnts. I put in a small cake tin with water to help keep the oven moist since my oven is abit too powerful with the grill function. I’m still trying to get more layers. Maybe next time when the whole CNY thingamajig is over and there’s time to breath.

I did some changes to the previous Prune layer cake recipe. I see quite a few who added meringue to the batter, so I decided to use in this method too just so I don’t have TOO much egg whites lying around in the fridge this Chinese New Year.

Horlicks Layer Cake

(makes a 9? square)

500g butter
70g sugar
6 whole eggs
12 yolks
4 egg whites
70g sugar
approximately 330g condensed milk
200g cake flour
180g horlicks
1/2 tsp salt


1. Preheat oven to 230 C using the normal top and bottom heat to heat up the entire oven. If your oven has grill function with temperature control, use that. If yours’ is like mine, I heat the oven, then before I put the batter in, I turn on the grill function (which only need less than 2 minutes to warm up)

2. Line the bottom of a 9? square pan. Prepare a water bath and put the empty pan into the oven to warm it up for more even batter distribution later.

3.Cream butter, sugar till light and fluffy.

4. Crack whole eggs and egg yolks, add in vanilla extract. Mix in eggs one at a time, making sure the batter is well mixed before adding the next egg.

5. Mix in condensed milk (this stage, you can have 1 eye closed and forget about the fact that IT IS almost a whole can of condensed milk lol)

6. Sift flour, horlicks and salt. Fold into the batter.Whip 4 egg whites to soft peak, gradually add caster sugar and whisk till medium peak. Mix in with the batter.

7. You can use a scoop / ladle to pour the batter in, making sure each time, it’s the same amount. Or separate them into 10 bowls. I used the 1st method, and ended up with 9 layers. But you can adjust it up to your liking or the size of the ladle.

8. Remove pan and water bath from oven. Turn on grill function. I transfered the water into a smaller cake tin and left it in the oven, this way my oven stays at a nice temperature without being too dry or hot.

9. Spread a portion of batter into the pan. Level batter with a spatula or tilt left and right to level the batter. Grill for 5-7 minutes or till golden.

10. Remove from oven, press cake layer to remove excess air.

11. Repeat step 9 and 10 till batter is finished. After that, I turned off the grill function, turn down the temperature to 180, and let the cake bake for 10-15 minutes to let it dry a little.

Well, actually I don’t see much difference with the addition of egg whites. The tiny holes are actually made from cake testers. I poked a few holes after each layer is out then I press it to release the air. Slightly straighter this time. Hahaha

I think next time I’ll just skip the egg white part.


22 thoughts on “Horlicks Layer Cake

  1. Hi Swee San, yesterday only my hubby was saying that I should learn how to make this layer cake. Yours looks perfect. I have bookmarked this recipe and will try it soon. I am so excited to meet you in person this coming Saturday:D Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family! See you Soon.

  2. Looks lovely 🙂 I was hoping that the addition of egg whites would make the cake lighter, (and also cos it’ll use up the egg whites), so I guess I’ll be sticking to your prune cake recipe ;p

  3. Oh I love those even neat layers! I wish I have time to bake lapis cake, but it always doesn’t happen. 😛 Horlick flavor is indeed something new! Will bookmark this and make it….maybe after CNY, heehee. 😉

  4. Shirley, haha yeah make it after CNY!

    j3ss kitch3n, new ? wow really ? mmm you should try it 🙂

    Jasmine, thanks 🙂

    Janine, let me know how it turns out for u!

    LL, ha I’ll PM u later

    honeybeesweets, just 1 hour of your busy busy schedule? ok maybe 2 including mixing batter and cleaning up.

    Pigpigscorner, I know right?? I was thinking of milo too ^^

    mycookinghut, yeah Horlicks is yummy! Remember the small horlicks sweet

    Lacey,thanks. I just submitted

    tofugirl, I put it on the lowest rack. 🙂

  5. another great looking layer cake..i dont mind seeing another layer cake next since you’re so addictive to it..all of you have an enjoyable potluck gathering this sat!!

  6. This is amazing!

    Saw it the other day on my mobile but couldn’t comment, so here i am! Wanna ask u yeah babe, how did u achieve the chao-tar free layers at the bottom?!?! Yours looks as smooth and creamy as the baby’s bottom! WOW!

  7. maameemoomoo, cause the only heat that comes from the oven is from the broiler / grill thing (from the top), there’s no heat from the bottom.. hence, no chao tar 🙂

  8. Strange.. i used grill function as well (top flame ONLY) and my cake doesn’t have baby smooth and creamy bottom like yours! AND, i actually placed it on the lower rack.

    I must do double lining next time!

  9. !!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this recipe. In school we used to make baumkuchen, which is very similar (in that its layered like this) but requires special equipment to make. And baumkuchen is ridiculously popular in Japan, so I really fell in love with it there. This gives me hope to recreate something quite similar to satisfy my nostalgic longings! Thanks so much for sharing (oh, and for stopping by my blog too!), I can’t wait to try this!

    Where does the name Horlicks come from?

    1. Hi Stella,
      Yeah you need something to roll the baumkuchen right?? I’ve seen it in videos on how they make baumkuchen. I don’t know where does Horlicks come from, but it’s a malted drink by GlaxoSmithKline..

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