Harry Potter Birthday Cake (and a photobooth backdrop)


I have missed out posting on alot of cake photos and updating my gallery. Anyway, here’s a cake that I wanted to post the photos cause, this cake took a pretty long time to make haha

It was my brother’s 21st Birthday cake.

Harry Potter Cake sweesanA chest, the Hat, Hedwig, some spell books, the wand, the broom, the scarf, the snitch, the quidditch and hogwarts school emblem, and lots of magical gold dust. Not forgetting the Harry Potter glasses (uhm that’s a real glass tho)

harry potter hat cake

Harry Potter birthday cake

harry potter hedwig cake

harry potter cake the sweet spotI hardly take photos with my cakes, so here’s one!

harry potter cake insideYes, there’s really cake inside. Haha I guess the thing about having cakes like these are people start asking .. “is this really cake?” “what’s inside?” Here, it’s cake inside!


Kenneth 21 birthday photo booth


I also made a photobooth background, like DIY everything, even the stand which was made from PVC pipe (about 7ft high and 6ft wide) and all the tissue cuttings were self-made.

The party props were made and cut by me quite some time ago, so just recycling them..





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