Gaga Lights @ I-City (Part 1)

I honestly have no idea why i-City is in existence. Imagine the amount of electricty goes to waste every single day. The tress are brightened up by lights.. No actually its a pole with lotsa lights attached to the branches to make the whole thing look like a tree, Christmas tree, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom tree, and some weird looking trees..

So what’s the whole point of this digital light display in i-City ??



If they wanna make it more interesting, they can make the trees move !! At least some interactions lol.


Well actually the whole idea of us going there is to test our new camera Canon s90. Super love.


Was trying to get the Bokeh effect.. Didn’t really work I guess..


This was one of my fave pic. Well it’s accidental actually and I don’t know these 2 people standing in front of the peacock.. I was playing with “Colour Accent” in the camera and it only capture pink.. Coolness !
There are alot of sections with different lights display; from Christmas setting to Chinese New Year lights.
After sooo many attempts, finally all of us jumped at the same time.. 
Camera set on tripod, shutter speed 15 sec. And we drew the lights with a laser light thingy.. Magic !
…. yeah, stay tuned for Part 2 😉

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