Fondant fun, one for every occasion

Since this month’s Aspiring Bakers fall in the category of Fondant, I’m more than happy to take part in it. Well, I make lots of fondant cakes n cupcakes. Initially it was a requirement to have recipes up together with the post, but there were so many and most had the same type of cake, I just didnt think it was necessary. (AB then removed the part about submitting the recipes, so here we go, 8 pictures!) But there are some tips you may need to be aware of with fondant especially if you live in a humid country.

For a princess’s birthday! This was Princess Aurora, the sleeping beauty. Disney princesses are always a hit with young girls.

1. When making cakes with fondant, it’s better to make the cake a day before, so it cools and matures, and when u apply buttercream or ganache, it doesnt melt. Which makes it easier to cover the fondant over.

Leaving kindergarden? say thanks to the teachers with a cupcake tier and school related toppers.

2. Most fondant comes in white (nowadays, there are shops selling coloured fondant) So if you’re attempting the Angry Bird or some Black Ninja characters, it will take ages to get to a deep dark red or black. It may be a little more expensive getting coloured fondant but it saves u alot of time kneading. (and energy as well)

Your man has been eyeing a sports car for the longest time ever. It may not seem right to buy a real car for your man, but you can get the edible ones and enjoy the ‘ride’ 🙂

3. Fondant keeps well in air tight container (not in the fridge). If it hardens a little, you can pop in the microwave for 10 secs to soften it to a more pliable stage. If exposed to air for a long period, it hardens and it’s unusable. Well, you can try to microwave and see if it works.

Well, if you girlfriend has been eyeing on a few thousand dollars bag that you seem not necessary, maybe a fondant bag can ease the addiction. Lol, that saying, it’s hardly the case. Surprise your mom with a handbag 😉 

4. Cake bases for fondant cakes are more advisable to be butter based (as it can hold the structure better, stay moist longer) If you’re planning to cover the entire cake with fondant, best not to use cakes that require refrigeration (example, cheesecake / sponge cakes). Fondant and refrigeration dont work along well unless they have dried and harden.

Ok, so Angry Bird is definitely a trend among children nowadays. Make sure you have flying birds!

5. If your place is really hot, it’s best to work fondant in an air con room or, at least try at night. It’s not that sticky to work with. If the fondant sticks on your hand or table top, you can dust with a little icing sugar or corn flour. That way, it prevents the stickiness. But try not to use too much as it will create an ‘elephant skin’. Super rainy days, are not your best friend.

Propose #likeaboss. The box (right) is actually removable.. so it probably is a very nice surprise or prop for your proposal. The ‘ring’ was acrylic and it’s about 3 1/2 inches diameter. Huge!!! 

6. Work fondant like how you would with play dough or modelling clay. Roll with a rolling pin, cut with a pizza cutter or a pairing knife, mould with your fingers or you can get some modelling tools. To stick / glue them, you can just use a brush with a little water.

Snake and Ladder life inspired cake with fondant. EAch square represents a year of the man’s life. 

7. Making fondant cakes actually need alot of time, especially if it involves flowers (which require drying time). So start early with the decorations or toppers, then cover the cake last before you send the cake out.

Hurray if your son likes watching F1 and supports the ferrari team. The real ferrari car may be 100 times bigger but you can have your own on your special day! Usually cars = boys

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #16: Fun with Fondant! (February 2012) hosted by Yvonne of iceamericanos


7 thoughts on “Fondant fun, one for every occasion

  1. Swee San i like this post very much…lots of thing to learn from fondant. I wish I can design the cakes like you one day! Very impressive work which I thought can only be seen in TV. You make wonders dear.

  2. You mentioned about covering the cake with butter cream or ganache before covering with fondant. But won’t chocolate ganache be too wet and soft to handle and wrap with fondant?
    or are we supposed to wait till the choc ganache dry up and hardens before covering with fondant? Thanks!

  3. Thks Swee San for your prompt answer to my question. Somehow, I still feel that ganache may moisten under the fondant and tends to smear on the white fondant as we cover the cake, so harder to work with than buttercream. Don’t u agree? Thanks again.

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