Coffee art

I won a contest by TimeOut KL to attend a half day coffee course last Sunday and here’s what we did


These were done by the barista there.. So cute right! I need to take one of these courses. I’ve done my coffee
Course in Le Cordon Bleu before, but I gotta say, a refresher course would be sweet! Especially on the art.


Tools of the trade. Hehe


The barista showing us how to pour the milk. Damn must learn the trick.


Well my take on it.. Ok what.. At least I didn’t burn the milk.. Lol


Another one done by the barista.
Did u know illy coffee has 9 taste elements in their blend? Sch complexity . And did u also know, arabica beans actually has lesser caffein content than robusta beans? So meaning to say, you can drink an espresso and feel fine compared to a cup of Nescafé

Not trying to be atas and all but I think coffee culture in Malaysia still has a long way to go.

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  1. the coffee art look simple to do but actually very difficult…i tried before…doesn’t look like art…hahaha just bubble on the coffee…. can you pls tell me where u learn the half day course?

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