Black Sesame Chiffon Cake


I have always been intrigued by these little black sesame seeds. Usually I’m not too fond of the normal white sesame seeds, but with the black ones, there’s a smokey and nutty aroma to it that makes smell ever so nice! My favourite chinese dessert has got to be Black Sesame Tong Sui / paste. Mom said it’s good for the hair cause it keeps it black and shiny (*ahem I really should eat more of it)

Now, what exactly is sesame seed is where did it come from ? Look what I found

Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the worlds’ first spices. The earliest recorded use of sesame seeds as a spice can be traced to an Assyrian legend, which claimed that the gods drank sesame-based wine before creating the earth. Sesame seeds are still a main spice and food source throughout Asia and parts of Europe and Africa.

*excerpt from Naturopathy Digest



The last I did was a black sesame ice cream (with soy milk afogatto) and choux puffs with black sesame creme patisserie. Oh, and a black sesame mousse cake with ginger sponge. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve made this black sesame chiffon cake. I bought a black sesame paste from the Taiwan booth during a food expo 1 or 2 years ago. Yes, I usually get weird and funny ingredients in food expo, especially those I can’t get them out in the stores. Haha, more like samples? lol But I got a huge bottle of this black sesame paste for just RM20, which I thought was a good bargain. 2 years later, still half a bottle left 😉

My next bakes with black sesame probably will be macaron, entremet or the black sesame tong sui itself. Knowing that I’ve never made an actual tong sui before *thinks really hard* I should try tee hee hee. These days, I feel like making so many stuffs but I just don’t have the time to do so during weekdays (Not during weekends either; busy me) As usually, the things I WANT to make take more than 2 or 3 hours to execute it, or at least overnight chilling. ppfftt

Ah, ok. Back to this cake.

Recipe is from Okashi, (the book I had to fly across the straits to get it, just kidding. I WAS just there.) Why silly me, I could have just used Book Depository instead.

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

(makes a 20cm round tube pan)

5 egg whites
90g caster sugar
10g rice or corn flour

70g All Purpose Flour
5 egg yolks
20g brown sugar
30g black sesame paste
60ml soy milk
40g oil (preferably vegetable / canola oil)
20g toasted sesame seeds


1.  Preheat oven to 170 C. Sift flour.

2. Combine egg yolks, brown sugar and black sesame paste in a bowl and mix well. Add soy milk and oil mix well. Add flour and mix until batter becomes sticky, then fold in black sesame seeds.

3. Make meringue. Combine sugar and rice / corn flour. Beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add sugar mixture and continue whisking till egg whites are glossy and with firm but not too stiff peaks.

4. Add 1/3 of meringue into egg yolk mixture and fold lightly. Add in the remaining, fold to incorporate completely. Be gentle.

5. Pour batter into and ungreased chiffon cake tube pan (Do not grease or line the pan). Level the batter, back for 40-50 minutes. When cake is done, remove from the oven and turn it over, leaving it to cool.

6. To remove chiffon cake from pan, use a spatula, run along the sides of the cake to release it. Then using the spatula, run the bottom of the cake, where it’s stuck to the pan. Then turn over onto a plate, it will just naturally fall out.



25 thoughts on “Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

  1. lovely chiffon cake! you have great talents, I doubt I will be able to achieve the very fine texture of your chiffon cake. I like black sesame paste (those hot desserts), will certainly like to try baking something with it.

  2. Hi HHB! Thanks, I think it was the corn flour that help the fine texture.

    Wendy, terima kasih

    mycookinghut, yup good for tea times, or even breakfast hehe

    Jane, yeah I wanna try the tart next time

    ai wei, I used boxed soy milk, it says, less sugar added. hope that helps. But if not, you can use milk or water too.

  3. Last time I was in Japan, I brought a few jars of goma paste (black sesame) home with me. Like you, I can’t stop putting it into all kinds of dessert. This chiffon looks amazing, I can’t wait to make it!

  4. Heh, my stepmother used to tell me that about the hair too. I’ve been using black sesame seeds in this salad (from Lottie and Doof) which also has sesame oil, red wine vinegar, chilli flakes and garlic – maybe my hair will stop going grey…

  5. i want to try this recipe of yours, i also have a jar of black sesame paste..some previous black sesame cakes did not really turned out great, lack of black sesame taste but i was using black sesame powder then..bookmark first!

  6. Hi! You have a lovely cake! I have just bought a tube of black sesame paste and I intend to bake a chiffon cake with it.. Came across your blog haha.. Can I just ask if I am to use a 23cm tube pan, do I need to add more egg white or make any adjustments to this recipe? Your help is much appreciated haha!

    1. Hi Veronica, mine is a paste already so I’m not sure how much water to powder should you add. If you need to, just roast the black sesame seeds and grind it with a tiny amount of vegetable oil. But the seeds would also be oily enough. Grind till it becomes paste-like.

  7. Hi,

    Your chiffon cake looks lovely…i have tried but how come my merringue beat until stiff peak but difficult to mix well with egg yolk? I’m use corn flour for the beating the egg white…

  8. ok…thanks for the reply…i will try again…actually this black sesame cake taste so nice….the texture also very soft….i like it very much…thanks for the recipe.

  9. Hi

    I made this cake today and just wondering how high did your cake rise to. Mine is only about 5cm high. Did I do something wrong? It tastes great though.
    thanks for sharing recipe.

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