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Ah!! I finally feel like I can breathe again. Been pretty darn busy over the last 2 weekends. Birthdays here birthdays there. Busy is good 😉 keep it coming!!! Anyways, last weekend, I made 3 birthday cakes. Well I’d actually say 2 that actually looks like cake. But the other one… looks like a croquembouche! How come, you must wonder… Scroll down

Princess Castle cake. The 4 towers was actually plastic. I think my customer bought it online cause I haven’t seen this anywhere here yet.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody cake. The cake was suppose to be the size of the character’s body. But Woody’s too thin that there’d be no more cake to eat if it’s trimmed to his body shape.

PS : Go to Gallery tab if you wanna see more novelty cakes 🙂

I have no idea what should I call this cake. It’s cake pop (made famous by Bakerella) in a tower. When I was in LCB, we did alot of chocolate truffles, then we arranged them into a cone shape, making it look like croquembouche. This time around, I think I became smarter Lol. See, I had ALOT of leftover cakes from all those carvings and trimmings. I had both orange poppy seed and chocolate cake. And because my brother’s (this cake was for my brother’s birthday) party is on the same day I have to deliver 2 cakes, I really won’t have much time to do any more time consuming cake. Plus, with so much chicken wings and squids and sausages lying on the BBQ pit, I don’t think his friends would be able to stuff in any more cake.

So… I made cake pops with left over cakes. Basically they’re like rum balls, but I added cream cheese to the mixture. The chocolate ones had a bit of Kahlua infused in. And after rolling them into round balls, dip them into chocolate, just like how u’d make chocolate truffles.

Then dip them in cocoa powder (for chocolate) and almond or any other crushed nuts or even hundreds and thousands. Lol Then, make a cone with cardboard. Literally paint the cardboard cone with melted chocolate. Stick all the cake pops and there! you have a cake pop croquembouche!

I mean, it can pass off as chocolate truffles eh HAHA But it’s not.

So, left over cakes + some creativity = a brand new cake!

P/S: Not trying to be a cheapo by using left over cakes, but really. I have 5 tubs full of cake. 🙂

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  1. haha They look great! As the chefs here at Paris LCB says, “We don’t ever waste anything!” It’s still considered fresh anyway since it’s on the same day 🙂

  2. The cake pop croquembouche looks awesome!!! I love the idea =) Now I know what I’ll be doing if I ever have a lot of leftover cake! =D The princess cakes looks really good too! I would’ve loved a cake like that when I was a little kid- actually, I’d still love a cake like that now! haha…

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