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Why, hello there. Been bumping around much and have started watching Masterchef AU season 3. Nothing too impressive yet so far, well it’s just still the beginning so I hope its gets better (in terms of cooking) and less hoo-haa dramas. So what’s up lately? Well if you’ve realized, I hardly ever talk about where I work or what I do as a full time. I’m not saying much but I’ve just been transferred to a different department and I’m loving it. The one thing I’ve learned from this 1 year of working in a totally unrelated environment, and then being transferred to something I’m more familiar with, is that you’ll kinda appreciate more of what you’ve lost, or actually more like you’ll know what you want when you know what you don’t want. Lol, please don’t mind me, it’s 1.18am and I’m flying in about 36 hours later so.. yeah.Oh yeah, part of my job is also to create sandwiches. Haha, which is why there’s a huge picture of sandwiches up there. Orite, so what has been up exactly. First, I fed ostriches and baby goats.

Quite a nice place, will update more about it when I’m back. Then oh… how about a snow white barbie cake ? As you can see, I’m a little at a mental block here. I’m saving all my energy to rock Seoul and try to maneuver in a completely foreign place where I only understand merely 5 Korean phrases (no, make it just 3) Haha well but I’m sure it’s going to be fun. My table is now full with maps and booklets and an itinerary to fill in with the bus number or train line to take. In a way it’s kinda fun. *psstt I’ve listed down some patisseries to go to as well! woot* Anywayyyy ….. Oh oh, I absolutely adore these 2 desserts I made recently (by recently I meant, weeks) So yeah, do look out in June for the recipes and more photos. Nope, they’re not yam profiteroles (on the left).. But if you follow me on twitter, you’d guess it easily 🙂   And last but not least, because I haven’t put up a photo of any of my dogs lately, here is one! Smile dog, smile! Cheers, xoxo


PS : In conjunction with Spring, Bookdepository is having an extra 10% off on all books. Do check them out. I just ….. (I know I said my quota was up right… slap me please) placed an order for 2 books, but just for USD 37 after discount and free delivery. fun much? indeed.

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  1. I love Masterchef as well but am only catching up on the old series for Australia and USA. The best part is the challenges as I can see how the dish is really put together. Definitely an eye opener. Btw the Barbie doll cake looks gorgeous.

  2. Omg I wish we had Season 3 here… we’re usually about 6 months behind. 🙁

    Is that a black sesame marble butter cake, by any chance? It looks delicious!

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