Kitchen bridal shower dessert table

Okay so I’ve decide to put a little short post before my next post of aspiring bakers hosting theme.
Last week, we hosted a bridal shower for my good friend who’s going to get married. Duh, u can’t really have a bridalshower unless u r getting married right?
So I suggested way ahead of time that doing a cook out session as a bridal shower would be appropriate for her as clubbing n drinking and strip clubs are really not the bride’s cup of tea and she has somewhat interest in cooking as well. So why not!! I’ve previously conducted a class of the same sort, so I decided to go back to The Cooking House and tell them our plan. Of course it’s a yes! Haha
So there we let the bride decide o what to learn how to cook. It’s a 3 hr hands on class, so let’s be practical..


She then decided on croquembouche and I helped her decide on chicken roulade with orange salad (my dear, ribs takes a long time to cook)

Theme was green earthy tones.. I did a small dessert table cause IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO!!! It was FUN!!


I think I did well for a first timer hahaha!! I am obviously fishing for compliments. But oh well, green is quite an easy colour to do.. I wasn’t gonna look for cowboys or music theme..

And I also did a cake for another friend (not the bride to be) and tall cakes make such a GOOD centerpiece on dessert tables. I couldn’t stop myself from making an ombré cake


This will just be a short preview as I’m waiting for other pics. Will do a more detailed post on how I decorated the table, and cake recipe of course. Phone batt dying.. Cheers and have a good weekend.


Kisses to all!

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1 Comment on Kitchen bridal shower dessert table

  1. Janine says:

    absolutely beautiful! i love the tall ombre cake and i totally agree with tall cakes making good centerpieces. I usually cheat and instead of making 8 inch cakes, i make 6 inch cakes so that they are taller ;p

    can’t wait for your more detailed post!

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