Eating Out : Petite Millie in 1 Utama

You can see more short updated from me now as… I just discovered this app that allows me to blog via phone. So one less step for me. Here we go! Been frequenting this place alottt! These are some dishes from Petite Millie in 1 Utama

One of the specials of the week. Gratinated butter fish with mushroom velouté and portobello salad
I hardly ever call fish in restaurants cause of a bad experience from a certain chain restaurant, serving over cooked rubbery fish, and not fresh! So I tend to be rather picky when ordering fish in cafes or restaurants. But this was so good!! Perfectly cooked fish that’s was so moist and flakey.


Scrambled egg Poutine. Creamy scrambled egg on a bed of fries and gravy. Need I say more?


Salad with hazelnut dressing and Parmesan tuile. I think the vegetable chips weren’t necessary at all as it gives a plasticky after taste like how vege chips are.. To me at least.

Yet another fish dish. Throughout my “diet program” I’ve been eating lotsa fish to make up for the protein. This is the Chermoular escolar fish fillet with black olives and preserved lemon.


Emilia’s Tagliatelle al duck Ragu. The duck was cooked to well leaving a hint of pinkness to it. I didn’t eat the pasta so I can’t say much about it


Provencale root vegetable soup with tapenade crouton which is a spin off from the typical minestrone. Thicker and more flavorful.


Crab meat and avocado tarte flambee. Thin dough baked till crispy and topped with creme fraiche, crab meat and avocado slices. Good to be shared.

Grown up version of Mac and cheese with scallops and Gorgonzola cheese. Not for the kids, maybe.

Bratwurst sausage charbroiled served on potato mash and mushroom ragout. The ragout tasted similar to the one used to the Poutine dishes.


Another of the classic Poutine dish

Burp omg. Now let’s see what’s the weekly special this week..


Petite Millie 

Lot G 146
Ground Floor 1 Utama Shopping Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
+6 03 7732 0395
10am to 10pm

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1 Comment on Eating Out : Petite Millie in 1 Utama

  1. wendyywy says:

    Chermoular escolar
    Got my tongue twisted saying this

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