Another year wiser….

Happy Birthday to me!

Busy much ? Well, I’ve been kinda caught up with some stuffs and didn’t had time to blog, or rather, lost the mood to blog lately. Be prepared to see more updates like these now..

So what what I been up lately?

Making cakes ? Well, yeah.. This was a cake, based on a painting by Syed Jamal, Langit dan Bumi.

This is NOT a cake, but a painting I’m busy-ing with. It’s called paint by numbers and all you do is just …. fill in the blanks! Paint it according to the numbers and it will eventually come to life 😉 I’m kinda addicted to it now… My mom said she wants to get one which is 1.8m so i can paint it for the house. *faint*

Also, busy with my 3 pups. Can you imagine the party everyday… :S It’s quite a scene. They are a bunch of confetti.

Been eating out more these days. Not in the whole cooking / baking mojo either. Hence this year, I didn’t bake myself a birthday cake although the idea is well planted in my head already.


What else ? Oh yeah, been busy shedding off pounds these couple of months. not sure about you, but I don’t know for how long I’ve been in the whole process of ‘losing weight’.. 10 years since after school ? Kilos shed, piled on, shed, piled on again, repeat process 5 times. It’s not fun if you’ve been plump and always the bigger sized among your friends / family.. this picture was taken after 7kgs was lost, a couple of days ago lah. 5 more to go this 2 months and another 5 to go for the rest of the year (which I believe is totally doable now) Then I can go for my beach holidays ;P

Best feeling? Not being able to wear the pants not because it’s getting tighter, but loose! #freddiemercury.jpg

No birthday cake? No problem but got 4 awesome cakes from Les Deux Garcons in Bangsar with my sis and nieces..

Ok that’s it for now…

Happy days 🙂





3 Comments on Another year wiser….

  1. Soo says:

    Hi, painting by numbers looks interesting. Where can I buy one?

  2. Lala says:

    Oh! my 7kg! You definitely got to tell me how you did it. I have been struggling with weight the same way as you did and have not been to go at it again like I used. I have been a quiet reader of your blog for awhile and as being a person who can’t resit sweets I honestly had not been able to shed any weight off. Please do guide me because you definitely had inspired. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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