Food Escapade: Singapore (part 2)

Continuing the Part 1 of our food indulging trip to SG

Day 2 seems uber ridiculously filled with desserts! Not kidding.

In the morning, we had Ya Kun‘s half boiled egg and toasts. The egg, ,so perfectly boiled. If only it wasn’t so colestrol laden, I would eat so many of it. I am a big big big big fan of half boiled eggs (and any runny yolks)

Then we kinda walked around the quay area and just walked..

And moved our way to IMM near Clementi to meet up with some fellow bloggers. (Kokken69, pigpigscorner, pickyin, maameemoomoo and mrsergul) I had wanted to spend more time getting to know and chatting with them but time didn’t permit me much that day as I had to rush over to Mandarin Gallery on Orchard as my friend is meeting another of her friend. Phew, talk about cramping everything in ONE day!

We had so much food!! One of the most interesting one was Tauhu Telur (bottom right pic), it actually was tofu, deep fried in an egg batter served with kicap manis and peanut crumbs, simple but yum! These are just some of the food we had. There were 3 times more dishes that what u see in the picture above. hehe

So after Bali Thai (which was lunch) we headed to Orchard Rd. to begin our dessert adventure (which I’ve kinda planned, Maison Kayser, Antoinette and Pauls) and do some shopping. But oh dear, time passed tooo fast!! I missed out on Paul’s. I have probably ate (and spent) my 3 weeks worth of desserts.

We hurried our way to Scotts Square for Maison Kayser. I was in between the eclair and tarte citron, went for the tart instead. The citron filling was tart indeed! But it wasn’t that smooth as I would want it to be. I’ve made Pierre Herme’s recipe for lemon curd, for tarte citron, that was silky and smooth!

I took away croissants and pan au chocolate, reheated and ate for supper the next day when I’m back home. Flaky and the layers in croissant were so fine! It’s good. It’s good

Then we headed to Antoinette in Mandarin Gallery to meet my friend’s ex uni mate from Adelaide as well. They were busy yakking, I was busy eating! No joke. From top left, we have the St Honore l’Amour (SGD 8.50). IT’s not easy to find a good St Honore. No, rephrase. It’s not easy to find any St. Honore at all! Combination of choux and puff pastry, cladded with cream chiboust. The last time I had and made it was about 5-6 years ago! I remember I still was mad at my classmate cause she so itchy handedly turned on the steam and some rust ‘flew’ onto my pastry!! MAD MAD MAD why on earth would u need to turn on the steam :/

Anyway, managed to scrap all the rust off and filled it up with delicious cream. It’s actually a very yummy dessert but it doesn’t stay ‘crunchy’ for long due to the cream. This one here from Antoinette, wasn’t that great. The choux was hard and the cream was kinda bland.

Move on to the right, Antoinette (SGD 9). Signature piece? They have so so many beautiful cakes but if this was named after Antoinette, it better be damn good! Oh please, it was SO GOOD! Milk chocolate and earl grey combination. Another to-do list! Behind that is a mogador macaron. Just one comment, not enough passionfruit 😉 But I like the mild chewiness from the shell.

Below, is canele. sweet caramelized exterior, and inside a chewey crepe like texture. Weird, I kinda like this one here. (Note to self: It’s time to use the 7000 won canele moulds.)

We had all desserts with tea, like how the rich tai-tais would do. Hahaha *dreaming*

I know, you must be thinking “WHAT??? all in A DAY?” not kidding. We had so much sweet the whole afternoon we wanted some brothy soupy salty stuff, and cheap as well. Ramen is the best choice. 2 of our friends came to ‘send’ us off and had dinner together. It seems like it’s so easy to find ramen in Singapore? This one was a small ‘kopitiam’-ish stall located just inside Cuppage Plaza.

No wait, if u think we’re done. you’re WRONG!

Our friend convinced us to get the Nutella tart from “Everthing with Fries” in Orchard Central and make a pretend birthday cake for one of our friend. Kid you not. Our flight was due 11.30pm but got delayed till 12.50am. Thank goodness Changi Airport is open till late and we had some time to walk a tiny portion of our calorie intake for the day off. Plus, vodka was so cheap! Next time I’m just going to take flight back to KL. Got myself Malibu and Cointreau (already bought Grand Marnier during my Korea Trip, the thought of having another orange liqueur seems ever so perfect 😉 2 bottles for only about 50+ SGD, which is equivalent to the price of ONE here in KL.

Dark rich nutella chocolate tart with oreo cookie base. Found out that they are the same umbrella group as awfully chocolate. Pfftt no wonder. 😉 I mean, how often do u go to a burgers and fries place for tart!

Ok the day after, I couldn’t eat anything cause I was too full. still too full.


Ya Kun

Address : 6, Eu Tong Sen St #01-31, The Central Singapore 059817

Bali Thai 

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-21 IMM Building,Singapore

Maison Kayser

Address: 6 Scotts Road, #B1-09 Scotts Square, Singapore


Address: 333A Orchard Road, #02-33/34 Mandarin Gallery,Singapore

Ohsho Ramen

Address: 5 Koek Road, #01-10 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore


Address: 181 Orchard Road, #01-24/25 Orchard Central,Singapore



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  1. Whoa all in one day… That’s amazing! I wish I could join! 😉 Must be so nice to meet fellow bloggers over great meals and chat! 🙂

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