Singapore Trip : Red Pig, Korean BBQ Restaurant

So after a whole day of eating (actually it wasn’t a whole day, technically it started at 3.30pm Hahaha) I met up with some friends and prior to that I actually asked them if they know of any Korean BBQ Restaurants to eat in. God knows why I’m in the Korean BBQ mood (even till now!!). So my friend suggested Red Pig which was in Amoy Street, which was actually quite near Ann Siang Hill. I told them my eating trail, they were surprised I was even hungry lol. Yes I am hungry!

The restaurant was pretty small, accomodating about 10 of 4 seaters table. But knowing that korean restaurants usually serve alot of side dishes, and it’s a BBQ place, so right in the middle of the table is the charcoal bbq pit. Us 3 merely had any space to put our plates and pork. But oh well, it’s fun

The place was PACKED!! like a sardine tin. It was a Tuesday night, we didn’t expect to have so many people. But while we’re eating, there was actually a queue outside.. hrmm.. Maybe the authenticity ? since the people working and dining there were mainly Koreans. Kinda reminded me of Strathfield 😀

So the side dishes, there were kimchi, rasidh, cold tofu, korean bean sprouts, tamago, mushroom and sausage. The later was refillable 🙁 The kimchi was nice, haven’t had good kimchi since Sydney T__T. We were automatically served with genmatcha, roasted rice green tea; refreshing !!

We got a Samgyebsal $15 (Pork Belly; left) and BBalgan Doiji $20 (Red Pig; right). Ha! No “after” photos cause too busy eating. The pork belly was nice and juicy packed with fair amount of fat and it taste great with the salt and pepper oil and bean paste. As for the Red Pig, the marinate was sweet and aromatic making it delicious just as it is.. Yum (Why am I doing this to myself, I want Korean BBQ now!!)

These BBQs usually come with lettuce for wraps, or lets just say to balance off. Put in some meat, sauce and garlic, wrap, eat it. Warning, don’t try to put everything cause you won’t be able to taste the barbecued meat

We were contemplating a soup or a bibimbap. I suppose we woulnd’t be able to fit in anymore carbs so a bean paste soup is good. Comes with beancurd and enoki mushrooms. Get a bowl, fill in some soup and add in spoonful of rice. Let the rice soak up the goodness saltiness of the soup, eat it hot! slurrpp

Pajeon oh Pajeon! Hameul Pajeon ($18) a seafood Korean pancake came crispy on the outside but a little thick on the inside. Somehow, I like my pajeon to have a consistent thickness and crispy all the way through and a bit mushy soft inside, not starchy. ‘ve probably had better ones. RM 42 for a korean pancake ? hrmm once is enough 😉



I’ve once tasted a cheese kimchi pajeon in Strathfield it was soooo good. I wonder what cheese they used. It’s like Asian pizza without bread and spicy. Ok weird. Must be the kimchi !!

And that’s Day 1. If u’ve missed the first part, check out here.

Day 2 and 3 continues……. with more food and desserts ! yum !!

It’s the end of April and checking number of posts.. 22 out of 30 days, not too shabby eh ?


Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant
93 Amoy Street
Tel: 6220 7176 / 9230 0765

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