My Favourite Surfing Spot

*This is an advetorial

Most people like hanging out in coffee outlets (like starbucks, oldtown etc) together with some friends and perhaps surf the internet too. Nowadays, it’s not only laptops or macbooks that you bring out, but handphones as well!! It’s handy and so easy to bring around lol. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of surfing from the phone, so I rely on my handy macbook.

Here’s my top 3 favourite surfing spots.

#3. In the dining room. I usually do my cakes on the dining room table cause it’s the only big undisturbed table with ample working space. There is a tv there but sometimes Tv dramas aren’t so interesting or it doesnt show the latest episode of either Greys / Ugly Better / ANTM / Project Alpha 2. So I will usually take my macbook to the dining table and stream videos and make cake at the same time! Or sometimes I would need reference like pictures, so it saves me from running up and downstairs to check on the picture.

#2. In karaoke. HAHA I’ll tell you why. Because I am a half banana and I can only recognize and read certain chinese words. And I LOVVVEEE going karaoke. So what happens if I wanna sing some chinese songs from Lee Hom or Jay Chou or any of those recent new songs and I don’t know how to read?? I surf and search for lyrics with han yu pin ying. So I can read the words perfectly!!

#1. Of course the best would be in my room, either the table or on the bed. When I wake up, I check my email first before I brush my teeth. Before I sleep, I’d probably blog or edit some pictures or surf some of my fav food blogs or chat with friends. And best of all you can sit with your legs crossed or lie on the bed and you have the comfort of air condition AND electrical plug.

The reason why I’m able to maneuver around the house and else where to surf, is because of wi-fi. Wi-fi is no stranger to us. It made everyone’s life easier. BUUUUUUTTTT what if the connection is weak and 100 people are using the same connection at the SAME time!!..

Means, my video streaming will be very slow, my han yu pin ying lyrics won’t load in time before the song comes out, and I cannot read my favourite blogs and websites!! *doomed* How ?

P1W1max’s WIGGY may be able to solve the problems with their 4G Broadband network. Ah, so does that mean now I can surf from the car to if I’m stuck in a 4 hour drive to Penang ??

Maybe with WIGGY I won’t be afraid that too many people are sharing wi-fi connection at the same time, means I don’t have to wait till forever for any online shows (eg. Project Alpha 2) to load lar!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


3 Comments on My Favourite Surfing Spot

  1. What did anyone do before laptops, wifi and mobile smart phones?! These items are essentials now!

  2. tracieMoo says:

    What a good idea! search for lyrics in karaoke room! I'm half.. okay fine, more than half a banana too. Now you've gave me an idea 😛
    And I also love chinese songs.. I see something we have in common, sweesan! 😀

  3. I have this thing for being called a banana.
    My grandmothers can't read or write in Chinese too, does that make them bananas? They just weren't taught to read and write or even speak mandarin. But they speak their dialects so well, and that's the only language they can converse with. I speak Cantonese fluently, just like a Hongkie, and I hate it when people call me a banana.

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