Bangkok Eats : Banana Beach Restaurant @ Central World

Don’t be deceived by the name of the restaurant, it isn’t located next to the beach or anywhere near the sea. But instead, it’s located in the 2nd largest shopping complex in Southeast Asia; Central World. Located along Ratchadamri Road, this 1.024 mil square meter shopping heaven looks almost like a World Trade Center / Convention Center. HUGE is the word, finding a restaurant in it is also quite difficult. T__T

So the best is, search for the directory or ask around.

We went to Banana Beach Restaurant NOT by chance but because it was recommended for its good pineapple fried rice and other prominent Thai food. So there were we, 7 of us munching our way through. Oh, minus me holding the camera..

This is somewhat like Pandan Chicken. It was fragrant and still juicy, great with the sweet-sourish sauce.

Since there were 7 of us, we all chose a dish each just to make everyone’s life easier lol. So this was the first thing I saw on the menu, hence I ordered. It’s a Duck Red Curry with Lychee. I ate this before in Erawan (in Dataran Sunway) and it’s been my favourite since. I’m glad this dish didn’t disappoint me!

Obligatory Tom Yum Goong. Inter seems to serve the best tom yum so far during our travel in Bangkok. Banana Beach’s Tom Yum seems to be slightly sweeter and not so concentrated.

In Thai, or maybe most Thai Restaurants, Kangkong / Water Convolvulus are called Morning Glory. Nope, it’s not the purple-blueish flower that crawls up the fence. It’s actually kangkong.

In almost all the menu, everything seems to be in Thai and very minimal English. Maybe just the name of the dish but not the description; so one can only guess exactly what’s in it. This is actually a Thai version of Otak Otak. It’s wrapped not in banana leaves but in (I think) betel leaves served with spicy peanut sauce. I was trying to look for Mieng Kham (a traditional Thai appetizer) but, no chances of so. The closest I got to was this betel leave, haha.

Soft Shell Crab in … something. I seriously cannot remember what this is or what sauce was it. It was quite a confusing dish. Maybe we should just leave soft shell crabs in our sushi rolls. Hehe

This was Banana Beach’s version of Deep Fried Fish with Mango Salad. Some of us ate this at Inter the day before so we wanted to let the rest try, cause we’re never came across this. One would usually think of a whole fish, but these are shredded fish meat and deep fried egg white, complimented with a sweet and sour sauce with a hint of spiciness. We still prefer Inter’s version, but this wasn’t too far behind either.

My goodness, did we actually EAT so much !! Back in Malaysia, pineapple fried rice equals pineapple + raisins + cashewnuts. But in Thai, Pineapple fried rice is just pineapple + rice! Was it just Malaysian-ized or it’s a complete different thing. The rice came with so much expectations that it was quite a disappointment. The rice was still wet, a big no no for fried rice. period.

If you think after all these dishes, we can till eat… you’re wrong!! Haha. This bowl of Thub Thim Krab (Red Rubby in coconut milk) was shared by all of us! We were stuffed till the neck but we still wanna grab something sweet to close the deal. Sadly, it didn’t. Too much ice and the red rubbies weren’t crunchy and “q”.. Luckily we only got ONE. lol


Banana Beach Restaurant


Level 6, Zone B
Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel : 02-255-6537
Open-Close : 11.00am – 10.00pm

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1 Comment on Bangkok Eats : Banana Beach Restaurant @ Central World

  1. So sad, I can only see but no chance to eat..

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