Summer & Hugo.. & Daisy too

For just 1 more post orite..

Been pretty busy lately so haven’t been baking anything new these days.. but a Peanut Cookie Recipe is coming up so don’t go too far.. (ANd also some pictures of the Broga Hill Hike.. )

Here’s a video of Summer and her squeaky toy that she didn’t quite get tired off …

Okay I actually looked thru some old videos and found one with Hugo and the Ice Cream Vendor Music… it’s probably taken a few years ago. My house don’t even look like that anymore.. haha .. And Hugo’s probably not as fat as he was in the video.. and his fur now is SOOO NICE N SOFT..

Sometimes to compare Hugo & Summer, Hugo is like an angel now hahaha but Summer’s very clever cause she eats her pills (for deworm n her coat)

Just so no dog steals too much limelight.. Here’s a photo of Hugo & Daisy.. Very hard to get a picture of all 3 of them … FML

till then


2 Comments on Summer & Hugo.. & Daisy too

  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Haha Summer is so funny. Her ears are so big.

    Yo the 2nd video (Hugo one) not working.

  2. KennyT says:

    They are so cute and adorable!

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