Bumblebee to the rescue!!

This bumblebee was for a 4 year old boy who’s mom was my student. (Well, technically I’m not that old okay..) The cake was covered with multicoloured buttercream instead of fondant as they didn’t really like the taste of fondant.
As far as robotic figurines can get I think I have a long way to go. Robotic stuffs are usually not my forte.. not when it comes to modelling it with gumpaste.. 
the “wings” are actually car-door.. Cause em.. bumble bee is a … car ?


3 Comments on Bumblebee to the rescue!!

  1. Trissa says:

    This is adorable! My five year old nephew would absolutely LOVE to have a birthday cake that looks this good. You are so darn talented!

  2. This is a magnificent cake for a four year old!

  3. Swee San says:

    Trissa : Thanks Trissa, If we're a little close (location wise) I'd be able to make for ur nephew hehe..

    Fresh Local And Best : hehe I know! I'm just trying to recall my then-4 years old cake.. Hrmmm

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