Diamond Head

Hrm.. I don’t seem to be blogging much lately eh ?

Anyway I made a cake for Jazzmint‘s daughter, Faythe who’s 5..

*photos from Jazzmint.net

And it’s a character from Ben 10, called Diamond Head.

It was a orange poppyseed cake layered and frosted with Buttercream in Juniper + Kelly Green to match the whole Ben 10 theme..

*Aiyo, looking at the 1st photo makes me wanna get a new cam… T___T


7 Comments on Diamond Head

  1. Cute cake! Very nicely decorated!

  2. Such a cute cake! I like the colour of the cake and frosting.

  3. Swee San says:

    Ellie : Cute cake for cute lil girl

    pigpigscorner : thanks! I like the forest-green too

  4. i love the cake!!! And Vyktore loves it too

  5. Swee San says:

    jazz: hehe yeah i saw in your fb he ate 3 pieces ? thanks 🙂

  6. Y says:

    Ben 10? Diamond head? WOW, I feel so old and out of the loop! Fab cake though! The colours are fantastic.

  7. Swee San says:

    Y : Thanks. Don't worry we are still young at heart hehe

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