Blogging from Seoul

Ann yeong haseyo.

Lol what are the odds would I blog from another country. I am, while waiting for my friends to come down to the lobby, putting a little update.

Arrive on WEdnesday night, took what seem like eternity to come to the hotel from walking thru their deep deep deep Subway stations. Oh dear, luckily we found our hotel in no time and had the awesomest cheapest supper, yet, here in Seoul. only 2650won for ramen and kimbap.

On official day 1, went to Everland, took anothe what seemed like eternity to the place.

Just got some bread from Paris Baguette and Going to Nami island now.



2 Comments on Blogging from Seoul

  1. Having vacation there! so nice. I might visit to Korea soon,keep more updates of the places and foods ya.

  2. FYI, i just ordered Rose’s Heavenly Cakes (Hardback)
    by Rose Levy Beranbaum via your bookdepository link with 10% discount..can’t wait to read this book.

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