More cakes..

This is only the 3rd post of the month!?!? wow, I must have been… virtually dead .lol.

More cake photos, and as usual, they’ll be up at the gallery.

Pink ballerina shoes as topper, went all the way down south. :S :S

I don’t do mini cupcakes or cupcakes with other sizes but this was for my regular customer, and damn, these baby footprints are darn cute!! HAHa.

*Photo “vintaged” with soft magenta, the theme for party was blush / salmon pink and pale yellow, very cute and vintage-y … very lucky baby 😛

*photo taken with phone, hence the colour is a little bit different. It wasn’t that green. 😛

Normal blogging resumes ? Not too sure. The TVB drama now on Astro AOD is just so very interesting and good. But oh, not so much of that for a reason. Sometimes, I open up the “New post” page, wanting to write something, I stare at it for a while, and closes it. Plus, I don’t wanna throw in so much of posts with pictures and recipes, and with nothing else. It gets a little boring.

and, I HAVE to stop Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays for now, I CANNOT afford to put on ANYMORE weight. period.

PS:Oh but maybe a eating-out post next. Haven’t done that for a while 😉

Much love,



4 Comments on More cakes..

  1. wendyywy says:

    I don’t see u getting any fatter.
    Maybe it’s too taxing to do it on a weekly basis.

    One question, butterflies no antennae ah?
    Eh, can use those flower stils that can be bought at art/knitting shops, right?

  2. Pei-Lin says:

    SS, you’re virtually resurrected!!! HAHAHA!

    All the cakes look so pro lar!! I’m still not into fondant! Muahaha!

    I can empathize with you! Sometimes, I open up MS Word, then close it. It’s all the mood’s fault! I’m a very moody person! HAHA!

    OK lar, change your usual style for a bit … Aiya … No need ice cream every week what … LOL! Take a good break!

    Enjoy your current project now, besides TVB serial drama. It’s all TVB’s fault!

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