Lunch at twentyone tables+terrace, BSC

Oh it’s gonna be a over lomofied and vintage-fied post with all these food pics. lol

Just cause it’s fun!! wheeee

A couple of weekends ago, me and my friends went to twentyone tables+terrace in Bangsar Shopping Centre for their lunch deal.Mainly cause we bought some vouchers for 50% their usual lunch price from Which came out to only RM26 for a 3 course meal. Though, it’s not extensively big portioned but, well, it’s okay.

For starters, they served some oven dried bread with olive butter and breadscotti.

Because there were 3 of us, we had quite a variety of dishes and we chose different items from the menu, trying not to repeat them.


Deep fried potato salad with anchovies aioli and cured salmon

king prawn spring rolls with sweet chili and tamarind dipping

spicy chicken, papaya, tempura spring onion and sesame salad

Among all 3, we prefer the potato salad with cured salmon. The anchovies aioli was so good!! yums

Main Course

Spaghetti aglio olio with beef bacon and garlic mushroom

*now I don’t recall if we ate any mushrooms  from this dish..

prawn risotto with basil, tomato salsa and red curry sauce.

Too much liquid, just too much..

sandwich of hake fish tempura with cheddar cheese and tartare sauce

All the mains were just okay, well probably the fish sandwich was good. And just talking about risotto, makes me salivate about the ones I’ve had in Melbourne a couple of years back. *darn good!*


Passionfruit mousse with mixed berries and caramel

oh no..!! it actually tasted like frozen souffle (the chilled type, not the baked type) more than mousse. That piece of chocolate looked like a piece of tempered chocolate deco, but it’s a candy instead. Very crunchy!! deceived! lol

dark chocolate ganache with dark chocolate cream, lemon curd and chocolate soil.

I’m a bit confused with this actually. It’s missing something. Maybe salt. or chilli

Mango puree topped with dark and white chocolate foam

the foam was actually not too bad, very light and airy. But it was quite difficult to eat the mango puree as it was quite deep down in the glass. It’s like soup!! haha

Overall it was okay and because we were sorta like the only table dining there during lunch time (1 table left when we came in, and another 1 came in b4 we left) their servers were pretty good and attentive. And it kinda feels weird to not ask for bill after the meal, cause we’re prepaid it when we bought the voucher. Lol. Like eating without paying. Hahhaha

But no, we paid for it already.


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