Happy Merdeka!

Happy 53rd Birthday Malaysia


6 Comments on Happy Merdeka!

  1. Fantastic! Happy merdeka!

  2. MaryMoh says:

    Beautiful!! Happy Merdeka, too. We had a Malaysian families Merdeka BBQ outing over the weekend 😀

  3. Pei-Lin says:

    Happy Merdeka Day to you!!!

    Boo the hacker! Yay to the efficient IT people!! =)

    We all gambateh!

  4. sweesan says:

    hi 3hungrytummies, hope u’ve had a great celebration 🙂

    Wendy 🙂

    thanks Jess

    Hi MaryMoh .. oh that’s nice. Haven’t had BBQ at home for a while now.. :/

    Pei-Lin.. Actually today was alot like a normal working day. haha Uh.. see u next week ?

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