Author: Swee San

Erawan Thai Restaurant

My camera is actually not working, so I’m kinda using a borrowed camera. It ticks me that it’s a little different and hard to get used to sometime.. But anyway, this Thai restaurant, Erawan serves wonderful Thai food and they…

East Meets West Demo

on 29th August, ICCA conducted a demo called East Meets West. It’s a yearly event, where Rosalind & Alex would show us some new techniques shown in ICES every year. Hopefully soon enough, I’d be able to attend ICES meself…


Oh dear!! after a relaxing day on Monday which was a public holiday, it’s 2 days without sleep, then a day of sleeping for 16 hours. not good at all. But all the ding dong’s done. Time for some great…

Festive Hamper for Hari Raya

Please place order before 15th Septempber.Delivery would be a few days before Hari RayaFor more info, please email me at I also have some other options for Mooncake Festival, coming soon ya 😉 thanks

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