“My Dream in the Year of the Tiger”

So comes in the year of Tiger and whatever bad things that happened in the year of Ox should very well be erased and obviously look forward for the new year. Incase you’re wondering, it’s almost 3 weeks past New Year and what am I talking about right.

In the Chinese calendar, the new year starts on the first day of Chinese New Year (very obvious, from the title) which usually falls in late January or early Feb. And in the Chinese Zodiac, there are 12 animals. Each year, it would be the year of ______ (Fill in the blank with these selection of animals; Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat Donkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig)

pic from michellecakes.co.uk

Since it’s the new year, I thought it would be fun to just do a resolution / dream-thing in the Year of Tiger. See being a cake decorator, I like to relate everything to cakes. I just don’t get enough of it, eh ? So one of my dream is to make a 3D Tiger (or any other animals or other 3D) cake! Yes !!

Now where on earth did this idea came about. I’ve been watching Ace of Cakes and it’s amazing! The cakes they make sometimes are just so mind-boggling. I watch an episode where they made a real size electric guitar. Honestly I couldn’t believe it was SSSOOOO REAL !!! So cakes are not just CAKES but they give a WOW-factor to people and it makes people remember your party / occasion.

I’ve made a few 3d stuffs before but mainly with modelling paste or pastillage, and not so much of the whole cake as it is.

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And okay let’s just face it, the more cakes you make, the more challenging you want it to be. Well at least for me. And in my book, probably the most real-looking 3d cake is the Roasted Chicken which I tricked almost everyone to believe that it’s a roasted chicken.. Haha

So, did you have a second glance? But hey, wait till you see the stuffs below …


On a second thought, can I change my dream ? I want to visit Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and make a 3D tiger cake with them.. Haha, is that too much ??? I think that’d be really AWESOME !!!

Look at this

This is a Hogwarts Replica Cake. YES !!! unbelievable right ? Look at how big it is..

See, my architecture background would play such a big role in this haha I mean after all, it’s still in the same field of art. They’re not that far apart. It’s just that one is edible and one is not..and probably 1000 times bigger lol..

Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes and the cake for Kooza Cirque Du Soleil.. Awesome I wish to figure how that thing stands .. 

OK I can go on forever in this but I’ve decided this much information is enough hehe .. Well, what is your dream then ? Give it a run and maybe perhaps, you could be one of the lucky 88 to join the Nuffnang Tiger Run, PLUS, if you can run fast you could realize your dream…

PS: OK, so should I go practice on the threadmill now ?


4 Comments on “My Dream in the Year of the Tiger”

  1. daniel says:

    Hi Swee San, you must be an avid cake lover. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great Metal Tiger year!

  2. daniel says:

    Hi Swee San, you must be an avid cake lover. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great Metal Tiger year!

  3. Hello, seems like we are all trying to aim for the dream. Well, yours a good dream. 🙂 I can be contented with running the race and winning the race instead

  4. Swee San says:

    Daniel : Yes I am 🙂 No prob.. your post was easier to read than 50 pages of repeated stuffs in a forum..

    DanielCtw.com : I think everyone also wanna win the race hehe

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