Zespri 14-Day Challenge : Edible Kiwi Rubik’s Cube

Wow, I almost forgot to post this up. I was kinda busy the entirefreaking day, driving around, attending some fun events and meeting fun bloggers. Well today’s challenge is to tell, how this Zespri Challenge has been for me thus far. I have to say it’s pretty good because I’ve actually created far more recipes that I ever have thought I would. If you have seen, these recipes are relatively simple. Next week, I will put up more recipes Haha!! Kid you not!

So what’s new today? I admit. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time since I saw it a very long time ago.

Finally, I have my chance and here’s an edible rubik’s cube, made with just 3 ingredients.

Kiwifruit (Green, or gold if you like)


Feta Cheese

Kiwi watermelon feta rubik cube


Yep. A salad just by itself. I came across this photo of an edible rubik’s cube. I guess putting oneself in a challenge, makes you get things done. Just like having a check list, or a to-do list in a time frame (read: time frame is very important) So I finally attempted to do this.

And you know what ?

As good as it looks, it tasted pretty darn good despite being just watermelon, kiwifruit and feta cheese. I used marinated feta cheese in herbs and oil, so it makes it more aromatic. But the ratio of cheese and fruits is too much. Lol, after I snapped the photo, I added MORE watermelon to it. Though I wouldn’t mind feta cheese at all.

Kiwi Rubik Cube


To do this, basically you just cut the fruits into the shape of the feta cheese. As these cheese are pre-cut in little cubes, I made sure I slice the watermelon and kiwifruit in the same height (although, you can see some parts are not very even). Or, you can use the smallest square cutter to get the job done. Then, arrange it on a 3x3x3 pattern. You would then have the world’s most delicious rubik’s cube. Ok la I don’t wanna say most delicious… perhaps, the tastiest rubik’s cube ?? Hahaha

Incorporating kiwifruit into daily meals or diet are not difficult. All you need is to start doing baby steps. Maybe add kiwi into smoothie or to your muesli and yogurt. Or if you’re hungry mid day, take it as a snack. Even as supper, it makes a better choice compared to junks. It’s high in fiber so it fills you up and it’s low in GI, so you don’t have to worry.

Infact after 7 days of consuming kiwifruit in all forms (yes, now I also eat the skin on the SunGold Kiwifruit … :P) I do see better digestive health and I don’t feel so bloated.

So, would you try kiwifruit ?

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4 Comments on Zespri 14-Day Challenge : Edible Kiwi Rubik’s Cube

  1. Drops of Contentment says:

    Very creative, and very pretty! Great job 😀

  2. Edith C says:

    This is such a cute plate of appetizer.

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