Zespri 14-Day Challenge: How to peel and cut a kiwifruit?

How are we getting along the Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge?

Ok this may sound abit absurd like why do you need to learn how to peel and cut a kiwifruit.

It’s because of the little wooden stem that’s attached to the head of the kiwifruit.

If you just cut the fruit in half, and scoop the flesh out, this won’t be a problem. But if you want to slice the fruits and add it into your salad / dishes, then this little bit of information may be quite useful.

kiwifruit tree

That’s a kiwifruit tree, and see that little branch attached to the head (not very sure scientifically what it’s called) but when it’s removed, part of the little stem is still in the fruit.Of course you can just cut through it, but it will ruin that little fuzzy fruit. If you’re mashing it, then by all means, skip this 😛

So, I did a video to illustrate it better. My vocab is quite limited.

Amusing or not ? Hahaha well the first time I knew about this, I was amused. Because whenever I cut kiwifruits, I just force cut the little stem out. Now, I know. hehe all my kiwifruits are perfectly cut. Thanks to Chef Rohani Jelani.

So since it’s Tuesday, here’s a little tip about kiwifruit.

A recent study suggests that consumption of Zespri Gold Kiwifruit may help to reduce the symptoms of a cold. Why ? Because Zespri Kiwifruits are a great source of vitamin C. They contain TWO times more Vitamin C than oranges !! Precisely, a Gold Kiwifruit contains 105.4mg of Vitamin C per 100g and it exceeds the minimum Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin C for a day!

Kiwi vitamin C

I was surprise to see apple so low at the bottom..

Ok, that’s enough of Kiwifruit today ..


2 Comments on Zespri 14-Day Challenge: How to peel and cut a kiwifruit?

  1. jeanyfc says:

    good tips! now only i know! XD

  2. Ping Ping says:

    Good tips!!! Usually I will just cut it into half (with skin attached), grab a spoon and scrape out the Kiwi flesh to eat. But then again I don’t incorporate them in my other food. Just as a fruit. =)

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