Congratultions !

Winner has been picked for the Nutriplus Cookbook “Think Out of the Shell” giveaway contest.

*drumrolls please*

No. 11 is TracieMoo

tracieMoo said…
My favourite dessert would be.. freshly homemade tau foo fah! I love soy milk it’s just the best taste on earth! Say goodbye to chocolate and cakes 😛 tracieMoo,,

Congratulations Tracie!!

Please email me your mailing address by Friday (16th april 10). Or msn me. Or we can meet up and pass u the book !


Thanks for those that commented and tweeted about the giveaway. I hope to host more giveaways next time 😉


1 Comment

1 Comment on Congratultions !

  1. tracieMoo says:

    Owh Swee San, I have to tell you I never had luck in winning lucky draws ever in my life. This has to be the first thing and I truly appreciate it.
    Thankyou so much!!

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