No Sweat!

Last weekend was the 2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, well held in Putrajaya of course. I went with a couple of friends on Saturday late noon and boy oh boy; is it overrated or what ? There seemed to be thousands of people there and the hot air balloon area seem a little too over crowded.

I actually couldn’t believe that there were SO MANY PEOPLE !!! I almost died because of heat; ok la just kidding not so serious.

The area where hot air balloon rides are made possible. There were 6-7 tethered hot air balloon rides at it’s probably about less than 10 minutes each ride. It goes up a couple of feet high and then it comes back down. As you can see, the balloons aren’t at all interesting. At that point we were a little grumpy because the cute balloons were no where to be seen and there seemed to be MORE and MORE people coming in..

And when there’s too much people in a hot place, you know what to expect ….. body odour, sweat, sticky arms, oily faces. eewww..

We went so late because of we wanted to see “Night Glow” and little did we know, Night Glow means, balloons glowing with light but it’s not flying. It’s stationed on the ground. And can u see how BIG THE CROWD is behind us ?? It’s like a concert or something going on there, and in situations like this, body odour and sweat are evidently on almost everyone’s body. Scary.

And if you’re going to places like that, please use deodorant or anti-perspirant spray, like Adidas Action 3 just to keep yourself a little fresher than everyone else.

 Well, you never know who you’re gonna meet or bump into there. It’s always better to not have body odour and be sweating like a mad pig in places like this.

Night Glow starting and the cutsey balloons were starting to blow up. Because everything was on ground level, it makes it very difficult to see all the balloons. Plus there were trees blocking and one too many heads, SO I still think they should tether it or something. At least we can stand further and still see all the hot air balloons.

Shy Lion hiding behind other balloons and trees. See what I meant ??? We could have seen better if it was actually up and not on the ground. 🙁

But soon after, we walked over to the bridge and see from across. Absolutely cannot “pek” with so many ppl there

And on Saturday night, there were fireworks too. 2nd Fireworks in 2 days, the day before was St. Patrick’s Dat at 1 Utama. I have to say we made a good choice of going over to the bridge. Less people, less body odour and better view. *phew*

The fireworks were pretty amazing and long too!! This reminds me of a dandelion.

Oh, one question, is it weird to use a tripod together with a non-dslr looking camera?? I’m using s90 and because it’s semi pro, sometimes I wanna use it with its long shutter speed and a tripod would definitely help (Like taking fireworks snapshots for example) Like…. is it weird ??? haha cause along the whole bridge, on top of every tripod is a DSLR, it’s not just 1 or 2 but probably 50ish.

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6 Comments on No Sweat!

  1. Oh u went there…. When I heard that there'll be free tickets for balloon rides.. I know it'll be people mountain people sea.

  2. Must bring my kids to this place.

  3. Che-Cheh says:

    Yo not weird to use tripod on non-dslr. I've done that many times. Hehe

  4. Swee San says:

    wendyywy : Oh it's free ?? I thought had to pay for it .. haha no wonder la so many ppl

    Sonia : Aiks It's over last Sunday

    Che-Cheh: Haha ok that's good

  5. Tell ya what, I almost made it to the event with my photography kaki/coworker, too … But funny, he said nothing much to see that day either … Why!?

    Thanks for the encouraging words, buddy! You make macarons? Can learn a little from you, hehehe … Isn't Pierre Herme talented? That man is just filled with creative ideas for pastries! LOL! Good craftsman, too!

  6. Swee San says:

    Pei-Lin : Haha I've tried making macarons some super long time ago but it didn't turn out so I wasn't bothered to try again, but oh will do soon 😉 Actually I think it's better to go during day time cause there wouldn't be so much people and the balloons would actually be in the sky and not on ground 🙁

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