Bangkok Eats : Yum Saap, MBK

Yum Saap is quite a famous Thai-Food Chain restaurant and it’s available in most prominent shopping area. The one we went to was in MBK. You can also find them in Big C and Siam Square

THe interior of the shop is pretty happy and colourful, mainly in red / orange hue..

Tom Yum.. with mixed seafood like prawns, squid and button mushrooms. The tom yum in Yum Saap is slightly sweet. But then again, don’t be pawned, alot of Thai food are sweet one…

This drink is SO SO GOOD. perfect for a super hot weather!! it;s Ice blended Coconut!! yummmy I want one nao!!

Som Tum is a kind of salad made with young papaya / mango. It’s loaded with chili seeds and the sourness helps to refresh your palate. I remember the last time I ate this it was TOO SPICY. This time I think probably because it was in a different mall, it tasted less spicy.

Pad Thai are like fried kuey teow to us, one of the significant Thai dishes. They’re actually, sweet if you realise. But somehow, I still prefer the Pad Thai in Sydney..

Oh no no its not the morning glory flower, but it’s more like kangkung / water convolvulus deep fried in a light batter loaded with shrimps and sweet chilli sauce. Yummmyyy…

Green Curry with chicken pieces and this funny weird pea size eggplant. I don’t know what are those but they’re in almost every green curry. It tastes like eggplant but the size is, so different it looks like a big pea. I love green curry!! No actually I like Thai’s Green and Red Curry..


Mama is the brand of a Thai Instant noodle. This is probably like Maggi Goreng. It’s a simple fried “Mama” noodle with minced pork and thick sweetened soy sauce with basil.

Taken b4 eating. We were STARVINNNNGGGG
I would say Yum Saap serves pretty good Thai food at an affordable price. I know street food are probably cheaper but…. this one cleaner la ok.. 

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1 Comment on Bangkok Eats : Yum Saap, MBK

  1. Jimmy Ashley says:

    Beware of the Yum Saap in the MBK!
    They seem to have the intention to rip-off tourists. A set of spring rolls had a list price of 65 bahts. On the bill there was added some unordered salads doubling the price of spring rolls.

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