Summer is here !

Ok a short but quite long non-cake post. or rather, non-edible post. This is my dog, not cake ok..

Anyway a few days ago, we went to get another golden retriever. We were also look for other medium sized – big sized breed puppies but some how or rather, we ended up with Golden which is the same as Hugo (my very first dog, who is 5+ years old now)

We have 3 dogs at home and all 3 of them have very different story on how they ended up in our house. The most “dramatic” one was Daisy who was actually being left by some other ppl on the street.. She followed us when we walked around the neighbourhood and never left since.

So 5 years later, we decided to get another doggie (it’s good exercise lol)

This fellow here is Summer. She’s born in 18th Oct 09, and that makes her abt 3 months old…

 Driving her back was no easy cause the drive was 2 hrs.. She vomited once cause of the winding road.. She has this like cutest teddy bear eyes … @__@

WE got back and whoa, major havoc at home cause obviously the other 2 either aren’t too happy.. or overly excited. T__T So her first meal at home.. When she eats, it’s damn funny cause she’s so rough. She just dig in and as she’s munching the kibbles, a few will fall out from the side of her mouth..

Now her eyes are more opened and not so teddy-bear ish.. and She’s quite a happy camper… Her parents are pretty good looking dogs as well so I’m not so worried about how she turns out to look like..

Hugo’s on the left and Daisy’s on the right.. Obviously these 2 are not too happy about Summer coming in.. but today’s better and hopefully they’ll get used to it.. maybe Hugo is jealous lor aijor…
When I pet Summer, Hugo will  bark at me, when I pet Hugo, Summer will be like so excited wanna squeeze in also.. Daisy’s more cool with it. she’s almost the same size as Summer. just that she has this extremely thick coat of fur that makes her look fatter..

This bitch is quite garang, not afraid of Hugo or Daisy, infact sometimes she will try to bully them HAhahaha next time I will take a video of it..  And she likes to eat leaves.. T__T


3 Comments on Summer is here !

  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Summer is so cute!!! Her smile so 'hor ngoi' Haha
    I think Hugo is jealous. 😛
    Why suddenly want to buy another dog?
    How much ar? I so wanted another GR.

  2. Swee San says:

    Che-Cheh .. haha she is SUPER ACTIVE !! i wan pengsan oredi..
    less than 1k lar ..

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