The noodle that ate the cake

I don’t know which is funnier, the cake that tried to be a roasted chicken or this bowl of noodles. When I am asked what’s so fascinating about baking / cake decorating; I say this is. or trying to replicate something, or just make people put on the “what the…. ” face lol.. Replicating stuffs isn’t the most creative thing but hey, its fun!! I tried making shitake mushrooms but it didnt turn out like shitake mushrooms so I decided to make button mushrooms instead and I think it looked real!! The small little green stuffs are actually chopped coriander, just because my mum doesn’t take scallion / green onions

Okay maybe the broccoli were a little to green to begin with. Ok just incase u’re wondering why it’s a bowl of noodles for my mom’s birthday ? This is suppose to be a bowl of “Longevity Noodle; a tradition thingy for Asians served during their birthdays. It usually comes with an egg but since this was a vegetarian version, no eggs. Although even if I make an egg, it’s not really an egg anyway. LOL

Use the longest noodles you can find for this recipe; the length represents a wish for a long and happy life. The Chinese show respect for their elders at celebrations by serving them extra long noodles. Remember to serve the elders first.

Hrm does fondant noodles count ? hehe

care for a broccoli ?

An extruder/clay gun and an airbrush machine is up next on my purchase list.. tee hee


11 Comments on The noodle that ate the cake

  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Ohmygod so cute! Can 'kap' the broccoli with chopsticks somemore. Cool haha

    Happy Belated Birthday to your dear mom.

  2. chloe says:

    ohmygod. if i hadnt read the text, i wouldnt have noticed that this isnt the real thing!

  3. Trissa says:

    You are so creative. I thought for a minute there it was a gorgeous bowl of noodles that I wanted to have for dinner – now I'm thinking a gorgeous bowl I want to have for dessert instead.

  4. Swee San says:

    Che-Cheh : Thanks Yeah there's actually real wooden chopstick inside the faux chopstick..

    Chloe: Hehe gotcha!

    Trissa: Thanks Trissa hehe .. sure is some trick or treat 😉

  5. This is brilliant!!! You are a genius!

  6. noobcook says:

    That's really clever! For a while I really thought it was a bowl of noodles. Thx for visiting me, glad to find your blog which has so many yummy goodies.

  7. Swee San says:

    Ellie : *shy* Thank you 🙂

    Noobcook : Thanks for dropping by, 😉

  8. This cake is so beautiful and realistic. When I first opened the page, I thought the first picture were really noodles!

  9. Wow! You just blew me away with such masterpiece! Keep it up!!

  10. That's very creative! I was fooled!

  11. Y says:

    In awe. You well and truly had me fooled 🙂

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