Over the weekend

I’ve been meaning to put up another blog post today, but err.. kinda had my hands busy over the weekend.

I update more on Twitter tho, (follow me if you haven’t already!) and photo apps like Instagram, magic hour and Leme Leme. So, what have I been doing over the weekend??

Sweet Romance – a Mandarin white chocolate cake with other surprises inside!

Earl Grey Macarons with blueberry compote buttercream

Kinda on a macaronathon here.. 😛

Rendang and Lemang, Popiah and Keropok Lekor from Ramadhan Bazaar..

Met up with Wendy (Table for 2.. or more), Sonia (NasiLemakLover), Ann (Pigpigscorner), Reese (ReeseKitchen) and Veron (QuayPocooks) yesterday as well.. Now since it’s the holiday season now, traffic will be smoother in the city (hopefully!!)

Here’s to wishing all my Muslim friends and readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and to the rest of Malaysians, Happy National Day ! Drive safe ya 🙂


4 Comments on Over the weekend

  1. Sonia says:

    Thank you for brought us the yummy macarons and nice cake, you must be put a lot of effort did these for us, apprecaite much. Waiting for your macarons recipe, i’m going to try this out..Thanks.

  2. Alan says:

    wow!!!! the entremet looks amazing! What’s that pinkish layer in the middle? blueberry compote?

  3. wendyywy says:

    thank you so much for the cake, and most of all, the macarons.
    I’m glad I’m a new believer and thanks for converting me.
    I think I will be bothering you with macaron questions if I ever attempt with one. LOL.

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