Oh Marvelous!

nurseI remember my friend telling me once about how much she wanted to try Marvelous Cream in Singapore. Hence it looked kinda familiar to me as I stepped out of Somerset MRT station out to 313 at Somerset. Without much hesitation (ok actually I did hesitated a little cause it was $5.90 exp!) I went in and see what’s it all about.

These are wafer sandwiched with whipped cream and fruit fillings like berry, mango etc. I actually wanted to buy a few of them and eat them while I’m on the way back to M’sia but since it can’t last long enough I didn’t get them. Boo I got something else instead.

Well I always ALWAYS liked when these Japanese start making fake food look so real for display. It tempted me even more. So I bought the new Patissier Ice Cream Cake Collection. It’s 100% made in Japan as said, well I couldn’t be bothered if it was 100% or 50% made in Japan actually. They had 11 different types to choose from and boy, I was indecisive! There’s Strawberry Shortcake, Chardonnay Peach Mariage, Creme Brulee Banana Confiture etc. I settled with Mont Blanc.

These Ice Cream Cakes come in little boxes, making them easy to bring around.

No.2 Mont Blanc (SGD 5.90)

There were 2 types of ice cream; Italian Chestnut and Custard. They were layered between sponge cakes and topped with a rich Italian Chestnut Cream and sweet chestnut puree. Hrm, I wasn’t quite getting it actually, probably cause it was a little more mild that I preferred.

Then my neighbour from the next seat bought ice cream mixed with assorted toppings in a waffle cup. Damn!

Choose the size, pick the ice cream flavour, add the toppings and it’s mixed on a frosted marble top. WHY did I not see it! A lil too late *sigh* must be the eating-ice-cream-for-breakfast-thing..

Anyway, after seeing Cheesie’s Angel’s Heart Crepe…. *super drools* the next time I make cheesecake, I’ll save a piece and wrap a whole slice in a crepe sandwiched with strawberries and loads of whipped cream..

Marvelous Cream
313 Orchard Rd
#01-38, 313 AT Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6834 4218

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3 Comments on Oh Marvelous!

  1. I have not heard of marvelous cream. Must try on my next trip.

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Ah, I had this too when I went to Singapore last Oct.

  3. Ellie says:

    I have not heard of marvelous cream. Must try on my next trip.

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