Malacca Trip : Ban Li Xiang Satay Celup

Well initially our plan was to eat Chicken Rice / Pork Satay prior to dinner but both were closed .. #$%^%& So we settled for Satay Celup. Luckily I’ve written down some eating places to satisfy our stomach. And so we went to Ban Li Xiang

So what’s Satay Celup. Satay means meat or some form of food poked into skewers then barbequed till cooked and a little burnt. Celup means to dip in. So Satay Celup means these skewers of food (meat / fishballs / vege etc) are dipped into a type of sauce. Satay originally is served with peanut sauce once it’s barbequed. But instead Satay Celup is dipped into a pot full of peanut sauce. It’s thick and creamy.

So how do u eat them. First, pick whichever type of satay u want. Basically there are alot ranging from meat balls to mushrooms and lady fingers to clams and livers. They are usually stored in a fridge or above ice (if it’s those movable truck) Price would range from RM 0.50 to … well, I don’t know but here in Ban Li Xiang, it’s Rm 0.50 per stick and those with a different marking would probably cost a little more.

Once u’ve picked out the satay, dip into the pot of satay and wait till it’s cooked. Just like steamboat or hotpot (depending on where you come from), some may take longer and some may take shorter. But it’s said that once it’s cooked it will float to the surface. I reckon it’s partially true, cause well, if u dip alot of satay into the pot, everything seems like floating anyway ahahaha

Once it’s cooked, remove from pot and eat!
Satay celup is very kitchen friendly cause no chef is required to do any cooking. Just cooking of the peanut sauce and to poke ingredients into skewers, and maybe chop some cucumbers to serve. But how hygienic it is, I have no words to say. We can only hope the previous diners did not do anything silly to the pot of sauce. … @___@

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup
45 E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
75300 Melaka.

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1 Comment on Malacca Trip : Ban Li Xiang Satay Celup

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