Project Renovation #001

More hacking of walls, more columns and more new walls. Bigger and more awesome space.

My family’s new house is undergoing some serious renovation. Well, just to make it a little less dramatic, it is not SO serious. Anyways, I will be doing some updates on the house renovation the next couple of months. But mainly on the kitchen cause that’s where everything here comes alive!

Renovation work started about 2 months ago? Kinda.

Insert dry kitchen here. Yes finally we have a dry and wet kitchen! As you can see, it’s barely anything except for cement, wood planks, and dangling wires. It will be a super duper awesome dry kitchen. Drawings for kitchen are almost done but we’ll leave that for next time. Hehe


Somewhat the space of the wet kitchen. Maid’s room and a small open garden way back there. Where all the chii-chii-chaa-chaa cooking will be. Hehe

The rest of the house looks pretty much the same condition as the above pictures. Too many things to do. Water works, plastering, ceilings, lighting, plumbing, painting, oh so much!! And I just cannot imagine the day, we have to choose curtain fabrics for the entire house. dread. dread. dread. But all is good. I hope.



2 Comments on Project Renovation #001

  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Wah nice!
    Where is this new house? Near your current place?

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