Summer, a year later.

Summer, is the name of my 3rd dog.

Happy Family (sometimes not)


I used to be scared and terrified of dogs cause they chase me when I cycle to tuition classes during my *ahem* younger days. I don’t think anyone likes to be chased after by scary looking big dogs!! Seven years ago, my family got a Golden Retriever, and he has changed my life forever! What would you know, or expect the things a pet could teach you in return. Patience, loyalty, to give and not expect returns, to see some wagging tails welcoming u back home, to see them smile when you say words like “mum mum (to eat)” and “kai kai (to go our for a walk)”.. It takes another pet owner to understand it. Just like how people would say, you’d never understand the feeling of being a mum until u’ve been one. OK WAIT, I’m not a mum, I’m just talking about, dogs! Hehe

I shall get my 1st dogs’ photos up here one day. But for now since this macbook here has lotsa photos of Summer, I shall put them up because during her recent visit to the vet, the doctor said she’s beautiful, healthy and happy. *Oh proud me* You shall see why.

Not every puppy looks perfect like in calendars and google images or flickr. Summer had abit of skin issues right from the moment we saw her.

Skiny little dog with patches, uneven skin colour, yeast infection on the ears, rashes on her tummy. Why oh why but her eyes are like teddy bear’s, such innocent eyes but oh so evil HAHAHA

But she’s a very greedy dog. Up until today, I have to separate her from my other 2 dogs when they eat. She gobbles up her food like a vacuum and is always hungry!  When she eats, the biscuits fly everywhere. She had to stop using the normal bowl and I got her a special bowl to keep her from eating too fast. If you eat too fast, you end up having indigestion and vomits out everything, right? Same thing.


I call this the “Big Hugo Small Summer” picture. self-explanatory 🙂

and taddaahhh look!! She still sits like that sometimes and her nose and eyes are still the same size. HAHA She has very very brown eyes, light brown I mean.

She’s about 25-26kgs now, almost the same size as, if not smaller than Hugo but has lesser fluffy fur. They’re more compact and doesn’t shed much *YET*. Scroll up and see the Big Hugo Small Summer picture again ?


5 Comments on Summer, a year later.

  1. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful retrievers! I like the photos of Summer a year later…smiling so widely lol! Cute! Can see that she’s really happy!

  2. Marina says:

    They are so cute 🙂

  3. Whoa! When I first saw the pics of your dogs, I actually thought I was looking at my sister’s blog or something… looks identical to my parents’ dog back home in Malaysia!! They are adorable 🙂

  4. So cute! I used to have a retriever too.

  5. Vivienne says:

    you sound like a proud mum 😉
    i love golden retrievers….my dream to get one when i move into a house with a big garden!! summer IS beautiful!

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