Gabbagabba yo!

After leaving the cartoon-era for a long long time, alot of new cartoon characters are quite unfamiliar to me.. Disney ones are still okay with me because there’s alot of #613 at home with my nieces around, so I think I still know my playhouse-disney-A-B-Cs.. but throw me something from cartoon network or nickelodeon, puzzled I am. But nevertheless, google is one of man’s best friend, right?

This cake was for a 1-year old girl’s birthday and she loves her Foofa. Foofa’s from YoGabbaGabba. Honestly, the first time I heard it or saw if, I had no ideas at all.. *puzzled* but managed to pull it through and it’s quite a cute cake. All the characters are on a flower shaped cake.

Hi, my name is Foofa..

“Hey ho I’m Brobee”

“I am Plex”

“And I’m Muno!”

Hey, I’m Toodee!

“And we’re a happpeeeee Family!”

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