Chinese New Year Goodies – Mash up version

Greetings 🙂

Here are some interesting goodies to make or savour over this Chinese New Year. It may or may not be traditional stuffs but just cause they all spell festive.

In no particular order…*click pics for link*

Wendy’s enclosed Pineapple tarts; butter + cream cheese + cream + homemade pineapple jam. Should we all sign up gym 😉 hehe

Egg Wan’s Eight Treasure Rice Pudding. Isn’t it colourful and they look like gems.

Food-4tots’ simple and easy to make cornflake cookies, easy that you can make with your kids 🙂

Delectable Chinese Almond Cookies by Pook from Daily Delicious

Steamed Fatt Gou to bring good luck (?) by Angie of Seasaltwithfood. It’s made with ENO .wow?

Bak Kwa is so expensive nowadays, try making yourself like how Amanda did?? Hehe

More pork!! Sinful dong po pork from Wendy..

Something traditional? Or how about making your own Nien Gau ?? / sticky cake encased in banana leaves

To cool off, how about trying out Angie from Seasaltwithfood’s Lo han Guo?

Hah, ok I think I can go on forever. but I shall stop here for now and maybe u can tell me what are your favourite Chinese New Year goodies 🙂


7 Comments on Chinese New Year Goodies – Mash up version

  1. wendyywy says:

    Wah, mine got 2 featured here ah.
    Thank you thank you for the promotion, kekeke.

  2. food-4tots says:

    Thanks for the featuring! Looking at all the festive goodies, I feel like tomorrow is CNY. Very “kan cheong” and excited now! 😉

  3. Joyti says:

    Hmmm, everything looks so delicious! Especially Wendy’s pineapple tart – yum!

  4. Swee San, what a collection of Chinese New Year goodies! They all looks very yummy. Alamak! I got a panic attack! I have not done any Chinese New Year shopping yet.

  5. Angie Tee says:

    I am too lazy to hit the gym, so, I think I should not bake any CNY goodies to tempt myself. Lack of discipline. 😉 Wish you and your readers a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! May the year of the Rabbit bring you much success Swee San!

  6. Amanda Lee says:

    Wow, thank you for featuring me here Swee San ^.^
    Have a wonderful CNY and be safe if you’re traveling 🙂

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