Chinese New Year Goodies

Hi all,

Last year I wasn’t working on a full time basis, so I had time to make lotsa cookies. This year, I’d keep it simple and just make a few things we wanna eat ourselves. Furthermore, my family and extended family will be going on a short trip, so I was just thinking of making some cakes to bring there for tea or supper. Tee hee hee We’ll see then.

So here’s a short recap on some Chinese New Year related foods / cookies that hopefully may find useful =)

*click on pic for links*

Butter Cookies & Green Pea Cookies

Peanut Cookies

Braised shiitake mushroom and broccoli & Orange Chicken

Chinese New Year ‘themed’ Cupcakes

Haha, actually I realized, there’s not much posts about the festive. Lol. Well, I’ll probably do a mash up of posts from other bloggers as well. So stay tuned 😉


5 Comments on Chinese New Year Goodies

  1. wendyywy says:

    I thought u won’t be making any this year, except kek lapis. kekekeke.

  2. all looks so nice but I was caught by the braised mushroom and the chicken dish, yum yum!

  3. Olivia says:

    Lovely cookies & cupcakes

  4. Mark says:

    Your peanut cookies are super sweet :)I like them in the picture and maybe I’d like them if I tested them because I like peanuts.:P

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