Foundations: How good is yours?

Alot of things needs foundations. new buildings, skyscrapers, your house, they need the necessary pilings and foundations that could be as deep as a few storeys to support what’s up there. taking a degree would also require some basic foundations on whichever field u’re in. even in cakes, you need a pretty good foundation or base so the cake can be a few tiers high! And something very close to you, your skin needs foundation before you pile on some make up..

But what if the foundation is not strong ? What if you (tau kong kam liu) scrounge on the materials and compromise alot? What if you cheated ? What if you don’t use any at all ?

This could happen…..

Omg the horrooorrrr!!
Sorry amy winehouse, when i googled bad skin, alot of your pictures came up.. 😛

So yup foundations. important isn’t it ?
especially ON YOUR FACE

Because like any other things, its hard to mend the aftermath caused by a badly done or poorly applied foundation.

Well I’m not going to talk about cakes for now. But the face. I know, I know haha. Generally, I don’t put on make up to work or even shopping. But sometimes I do if my skin colour is not too great or I have some blemishes to cover. I usually use a compact powder which is easy, on the go and it comes with a mirror and a sponge-pad.

No one ever really noticed if I put make up to work. Eh actually it’s good right cause then it looks more natural? hahahaha Well then I started to realise that I’m starting to have a little pigmentations on the right side of my face (drives on the right side, sun on the right side, get?) So what have I been missing? sun block lah!! or sun screen or sun protection with all the SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF. Die lah I’m only 24, so fast got pigmentations ah. Boo..

Then I came across Tongue in Chic’s website doing a promo for Clinique. Pick up RM 180 worth of goods in any clinique counter from now till 20th Sept or while stocks last. WHOA ok la, I went to pick up mine and the lady at the counter very willingly gave me some samples.

I had a Superfit Make up liquid foundation, sun block for face and a compact powder. All in sample sizes of course. She forgot to give me the Make up workshop voucher but she called me back and asked me to go! Oh how nice..

And then today, at home, I followed the instructions of putting the sun block, then the liquid foundation n a little of the powder. and some eyeliner and some blusher and.. ok la no more..

Eh actually my face thinner edi lah..

And this is how i look. meh, sorry, no camera, so just photobooth from MB. I was actually amazed that the blusher could blend much better to the foundation, and till not it’s turning to oil just yet 😉

But the most amazing thing is.. 4 people suddenly came up to me and

said “Eh swee san, how come u look so different today?”

I said “Oh I changed foundation la”

She said “oh wah really ah, so nice lah look like china doll (ER I;m not sure if that really is a compliment or what but I take it as it is) Which brand u using?”

And then another person said “eh swee san why u look prettier today”
:S meh, i very ugly every other day ah?

And another said “eh swee san you should make up like this everyday ya”

So, this is my experience with Clinique’s foundation. If a foundation can lift someone’s spirit and confidence, apart from making her a little prettier and cover whatever blemishes, I say it’s a pretty darn good foundation!

I don’t think I need to explain what the foundation is made of, just check out Clinique’s website for yourself.

This is not an ad, ‘m sharing my experiences for these..
Grand prize:
– RM500 worth of Clinique products
– Personal Makeup Workshop with Clinique Expert
– Be featured on Tongue in Chic (doing the workshop)

Eh actually my hair also quite nice nowadays… HAHAHAHHA

And I lost another 1.5kgs today.. *dances around*

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