Say hello to Hugo & Daisy!

Hello I’m Hugo! and why are u looking at me like that ? I know I’m cute 😉

I figured I haven’t put up any pictures of my dogs. U know what’s the best thing about going home, the moment I park my car and open my door, 2 heads would pop into my car, either asking for a pat, or a walk outside or to play…

Hello, I’m Daisy, I’m a chili padi. :X Tho my age is a secret, I’m a little older than Hugo.

Hi, its me, Hugo again. I’m a golden and I love to plaaayyyyy. I am 6 years old. is fun! check it out!
love the effect of the photos 😉


2 Comments on Say hello to Hugo & Daisy!

  1. choieevon says:

    you can also set it to have like those fingerprints to make it look more real 😀

  2. CUMI & CIKI says:

    so cute! like the new look on your website!

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