My dogs (again)

Hey y’all,

Take a break and watch the videos. We got Summer a year ago, and her fur coat was terrible! you can see from the 1st video. She’s so so curious with the squeaky toy!!

A year later, check out this lazy girl!!

Haha another video of her looking for her toy up. soon..

Meanwhile, this is one of my dog (which is not a retriever)


7 Comments on My dogs (again)

  1. Hey, i saw you left comment in Shirley’s blog said that you got the ramekins with good price, could you tell me where to get it? Thanks.

  2. jo says:

    So cute! I have 2 doggies as well and both are shitzu. Coincidetally a friend of mine has a retriever mix called Summer as well.

  3. sweesan says:

    Hi Sonia, just replied u 🙂

    Hi jo, Oh!! Summer’s a common name eh?

    Hi Angie, thanks 🙂

  4. teng says:

    Hey sweesan, this is my first time i come across your blog. ;D Was attracted by your Respberry souffle recipe. hehe. But there was one more thing that attracts me. Your non-retriever dog, omg, was he/she a spitz breed? Such a beauty! ;D

  5. Zoe says:

    Everything on your blog is so wonderfully delicious! And your dogs are super cute!! Love your post! Best regards from Taipei

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