Mini Wedding Cakes


Ok I haven’t been missing or anything but have been extremely BUSY over the last 4 days, with exhibition and stuffs. No time to reply any comments or blog or even do anything except, wake up, go to KLCC, then come back, and sleep. Repeat 4 times.

Hehe So since it’s Monday, and it’s SUPPOSE to be ice cream Monday, right? But I haven’t had time to make new stuffs. Bear with me for another week. I just took back my Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine.

But anyways, this was a wedding cake did 2 weekends ago.




*tired max*


12 Comments on Mini Wedding Cakes

  1. wendyywy says:

    What happened to the ice cream bags I got u???
    They dun need cuisinart to prepare ice cream with those 🙂

    Now I see, the lines are made with royal icing eh??

  2. sweesan says:

    u know how busy i was edi lar .. will make them this week cause bro having bday party..

    ya.. royal icing..

  3. Wow.. this is serious stuff! All pro!

  4. Yee Mei says:

    cuteness !!

  5. Vivienne says:

    looks gorgeous the cake! you have one of the coolest jobs 😉

  6. Pei-Lin says:

    Swee San, the cake is finally on your blog! Been waiting! Simply breath-taking! Next time if I ever marry someone else, I’ll let you prepare my wedding cakes, the fondant part nia … I don’t think I’ll mess with fondant. HAHA!

    Take plenty of rest, yea? Understand you perfectly when I myself got stuck on MRRII for one good hour just to get home from work yesterday night!!! Argh!! 2 hours!!?? That’s gila!

  7. Bakericious says:

    wow so beautiful, I like especially those colorful lines, how you made it so straight!

  8. faithy says:

    such pretty wedding cakes! very sweet..

  9. sweesan says:

    Hi Shirley .. still learning 🙂

    Vivienne, me? coolest job ? this is actually my part time job, I have another unrelated full time job. Hehehe so I’m 1/2 cool 😉

    Pei-Lin, haha ok when u get married u tell me la k.. I make a nice nice wedding cake for u.. Haha this is only the beginning of being stuck in the jam PL. I’ve been in those jam for 8 years already.. U’ve just started lol. I’m quite used to it now.

    Bakericious hehe line straights ? nah.. it’s not very straight actually

    Hi Faithy, Thanks 🙂

  10. Von says:

    Wow! These look so good! I bet the bride and groom were happy about it =) I wish I could make cakes which look as good as this….

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