The story of the BIG Breakfast

I actually wanted to post this in the morning, but since I’m so awake now, I might as well do it. If u follow me on twitter (IF you haven’t, follow now! @sweesan) u’d have seen my mini cooking adventure lol.

Sometimes I stock up sausages in the freezer cause they’re always handy whether I’m making instant noodle or craving for some savoury snacks. And one morning, I woke up and decided ok I wanna have the Cheese Sausage for breakfast.

Then, I thought, Okay, why don’t I make scrambled eggs cause all I’ve been thinking was Bill’s scrambled eggs in Surry Hills <3

So I cracked 2 eggs, added some milk (wanted to add cream but there weren’t any in the fridge) salt and pepper. And scrambled it.

Then, I remembered! Oh I bought a wholemeal baguette the day before, I might as well toast it on the pan. So I went and slice 2 pieces and just lightly toast it.

Just when you thought ok, she should be done…. I suddenly recalled this “morning crepe” I always make when I was working in Sydney. It’s crepe with caramelized onion, mushroom, egg and maple syrup. So OKAY!! Maybe I will just cut some onion and caramelize it.

*sizzle sizzle sizzle* – At that point, the eggs were scrambled, the baguette were toasted and the sausage is still cooking on the same pan as the onion.

I ran to the fridge, grabbed some oyster mushrooms, washed them and chuck them together with the onions. Whilst checking out the fridge, I saw this cute tomato and I thought, okay some vege wouldn’t hurt. So I sliced the tomato in half and put it in the pan with the rest of stuffs.

*seriously did I cook too much???*

Then, I saw this white wine (leftover from the carbonara) and decided to add some into my caramelized onion and mushroom.


I think I had too much.

But it was FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOD I tell ya. Most satisfactory breakfast ever at home, and don’t need to pay a ridiculous price for it.

6 thoughts on “The story of the BIG Breakfast

  1. It's okay swee san, your greed had made a fantastic outcome! Looks like something I would pay a bom to have breakfast for in porch hotels during good guiltless vacation 😛

    Noww.. let me see what I should have for breakfast today…. 😛

  2. Ahaha I'm yet to try Bill's scrambled eggs. I been hearing good things about them. I keep going back to my favourite cafe on Crown St. Lolz

  3. Swee San, you pay AUD17 for that plate of big breakfast in Australia and the difference is, they use truffle oil instead of normal oil. And a quick google you realise truffle oil doesn't even contain real truffle in it, AUD17 for a plate of chemistry bonded oil in everything? Give me EVOO anytime!

  4. Tracie : Yah and it only cost like a fingernail instead of an arm..

    Jia : Really ?? I like Bill's and this place in Bondi, can't remember though but they had this fritter with smoked salmon and spinach .. awesomelicious!

    Cumi & Ciki: veery filling too!!

    Fresh Local & Best : And I actually had a glass of orange and carrot juice 😛

    Quinn : Well over here I think it's about RM20++ for a plate like that.. I dont think I could tell the difference if its truffle oil or EVOO :S

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