Run dog, run!

Well, yesterday I went to a dogs/human gathering in the Setia Alam Park, organized by my friend. It wasn’t anything big, just a couple of friends, and a couple of dogs. Now truth to be told, all of us went with retrievers, and then there were 2 poodles.

I only wished the water was cleaner and that the dogs can swim.

Hmmm, I doubt the ‘pond’ will ever be clean, it looks like a swamp. Haha, ah well, as long as the dogs had fun, us humans, had fun too! 🙂

Hugo and Summer

doggies in action. 4 golden retrievers and 1 labrador. See the colour?? hehe

Hugo, Summer, Lucky, Jewel and Angel (I hope I got them right, hehe the middle one looks like a young Hugo.) Oh I was just talking about their names, if I got it right.

Hugo, me and Summer. This is probably the first pic I’ve taken with them, TOGETHER.

<3 <3

7 thoughts on “Run dog, run!

  1. Hi 3hungrytummies, yeah, they’d love to swim, but I guess just not in this water

    Hi j3sskitc3n, haha thanks, no u have to get 1 for urself. hehe can’t take mine

    Hi Sonia, oh I have a friend who’s dog is Lucky too!! it’d be confusing Haha.. But next time I’ll let u know. Didn’t know u had a dog!

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