KoreaTrip2011 – Everland (pt 2)

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OK now in Everland, remember to get a map. Honestly I have nothing much to say. Just want to post up some pictures.

#1 Hello penguin!

#2 Twas the Rose festival

#3 Rose festival.

#4 sho kiuuutttt

#5 the fake ball tree.. lol.

#6 What’s an amusement park without a parade?



#7 Hello biri biri..

#8 and what’s an amusement park without some ridessss … Pirate ship, oh no big of a deal… haha

#9 makes you feel like you’re in a washing machine sans the water and soap!! jeng jeng jeng!

#10 Oh right, we need some food, like superlong churros and sausage!

#11 Please don’t do this after your meal. HAHaha of course we didn’t. In fact we didn’t go for this ride as we ran out of time..

#12 Are you ready for this ?

#13 T- Express. If u think it doesn’t look big enough, try this; it is currently the world’s steepest wooden coaster, breaking El Toro‘s record by one degree. It is also the world’s ninth fastest, fourth tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster, with El Toro being the third tallest. eekk!!

#14 Oh yeahhh!! IF you sit at the back, when it drops, it really feels like as if you’ll be thrown out of the roller coaster. Scarry but oh SO FUN!! The drop is at 77 degrees and why don’t you tilt your chair 77 degrees and sit there. Certainly was an adrenaline pumping ride!

Stats to blow your mind

  • South Korea’s first wooden roller coaster
  • World’s steepest wooden roller coaster (77 degrees)
  • Falling altitude : 56m (7th in the world)
  • Attraction time : 3min 00sec (the longest in Asia, 7th in the world)
  • Air time : 12 times (the most air time in South Korea)
  • Altitude : 56m (the highest in Asia, 3rd in the world)
  • Maximum Speed : 104 km/h (the fastest in Asia, 8th in the world)
  • [+] Gravity Force : 4.5g
  • [-] Gravity Force : -1.6g


8 thoughts on “KoreaTrip2011 – Everland (pt 2)

  1. Just reading your description of the roller coaster gets my heart pumping lol! I had been to Lotte World and it’s basically the same except that it’s located indoor…oh and they have a parade there too.

  2. Hi im going to Korea this Oct, rmb u went Nami rite, is that entry posted yet? hihi im quite confused abt getting to Nami, that’s why looking forward to ur Nami post 🙂

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