Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This will be a collective post of all mooncakes I’ve made over the past few years.

As we get older, we don’t eat as much mooncakes like how we used to. We’d buy alot of boxes, and see them in the house over a couple of weeks. But over these few years, we don’t buy as much. Mainly cause it’s getting more and MORE expensive, and also partly because I make them too. I don’t make much, just to give my grandma, for home consumption and to share with friends when we go out for drinks.

I’ve actually made mooncakes in 2007 (not too sure if I actually made them in 08 ) and 09. (and sold quite a few too) This year, I’ve decided not too. Haha

To read more about this festival, please click here.

This was a deep fried flaky mooncake. It’s suppose to “open up” after frying it. If u look at the one at the back, it doesn’t open as much as the first. Cute eh? made in Sept 2007

Next, what do we have

Snowskin Green Tea Lotus filling with custard ball

I actually never knew where to get those egg yolks in mooncakes, so, custard “balls” seemed like a pretty good solution to it!! haha

Snowskin mooncakes are easier to make. Though getting the right taste and consistency is not easy, but at least baking or frying is not required!

Oh wait! I was wrong! I actually started making in 2006 ! gosh, time DOES fly!! I was still in Sydney at that time and Mooncakes are not so extensively available in every shopping centre like how they’re here. And it wasn’t even easy to get lotus paste for mooncakes. Ok maybe there were but I obviously don’t know where to get them. tee hee.

So had to make the filling myself !

It was a Baked Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Mooncake. Recipe was from this site.

When u’re desperate to make food that reminds you of home, you’d do whatever it takes. Lol

*I just realised that up until now, the skins are all different!! pats back*

This, will be a baked flaky mooncake. The filling was redbean and dried longan. If you are familiar with sushi mats, u’d know how big these little morsels were. Probably just 2.5 inch diameter. Making flaky mooncake with different colour on the exterior are fun. Cause they look so pretty! (If turns out right). And you don’t need moulds for it.

Ah!! how could I ever forget these. This was what I meant with the different layer of colours! They don’t look like traditional mooncake, but rather cake pops or planets. HAHA

And somewhere between this few years, I’ve also made some other types of mooncakes but they just never appear. I can’t remember where the pictures are. So……

Well anyway!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Just before I end, while looking through the archives from the old blog, it was really fun. There were good and bad comments from people around, but it’s a free world. 🙂

I’d rather someone give more constructive critism than to say “oh good job / nice / well done” when it clearly wasn’t good at all. We can all at least be honest, not every thing in every blog looks good or turned out well. Ok Nothing bye!

12 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. Swee San,
    Your last paragraph is refering to what Pei-Lin and I call as “Template Commenting”. Hahaha.
    These people might have good intentions to encourage, but maybe we would prefer to have sincere and truthful, and constructive feedbacks.
    BTW, I can’t see most of the pics, except the sweet potato and pumpkin filled mooncake.

  2. I finally managed to sneak in some time to visit you over here … =)

    I’ve tried deep-frying my Chinese flaky pastry dough … I know that deep-frying the pastries will have them “opened up.” But the thought of working with a pot of oil … drives me away … =S

    I love all your mooncakes … Crossing my fingers I’ll get to make them and other flaky Chinese pastries again … Bogged down by too many things now … =(

    Aiya, like what Wendy said, ignore those “template comments” lar … HAHA! I get so many of these these days … Persuading myself to “tai hoi di” … HAHA!

    Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

  3. Reese, zhong zhau jit faai lokk!! (can’t type chinese lol)

    Lena, haha if it opens, it does!!

    Pei-Lin, haha “tai hoi di” lol I know where u got that from 😛 I know, with all the relocating n moving around, it’s not a good time to make so much stuff in the kitchen… “yaan har la!!”

  4. Wow, you made quite a variation! Do you search these recipes up on the Internet or do you partially use what you’ve learned from school? Happy Mid Autumn Festival by the way!

  5. Jess : Thanks 🙂

    Anna, Nope, LCB doesn’t teaches Asian stuffs, but certain techniques like puff pastry folding methods are quite useful in making flaky mooncakes..

    Ellie : oh nice… And one can only eat so many mooncakes .Lol..

  6. *smile*

    Tau hoi di indeed.. But like one of my friends said, what they are really doing is name dropping!

    What is more ridiculous sometimes is when the comment doesn’t even reflect what the entry is about.

    Couldnt comment earlier bcoz the link u left in my blog has typo!

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