Chocolate Mochi Cake
Serves: 16 pcs
  • 140g glutinous rice flour
  • 200g white sugar
  • ½ tablespoon baking soda
  • 60g salted butter
  • 100g dark chocolate. chopped
  • 1 can (390g) evaporated milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 eggs, beaten
  1. Preheat the oven to 175 C and grease a 8-inch square baking pan.
  2. Whisk together the flour, sugar, and baking soda in a large bowl. Set aside.
  3. Heat the butter and the chocolate together in a small saucepan over low heat, stirring frequently until you have a smooth mixture.
  4. Pour the melted chocolate and butter into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. With the mixer running on low, add the evaporated milk, vanilla, and eggs and mix until incorporated. You can also just use a whisk to mix everything.
  5. Add the dry ingredients and mix on low until the batter is smooth and lump-less. Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 45 minutes, until the cake no longer jiggles.
  6. Remove from oven and let cool before serving. This cake should be stored at room temperature rather than refrigerated
Recipe by Swee San's Kitchen at

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